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5 Ingredients to Make Your Turkey Stuffing Delicious

I have never cooked a turkey on Thanksgiving. Ever.
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My mom has always done it.  And so, of course, I am quite biased towards her turkeys and all the trimmings.  Thanks to her, I learned to use dental floss instead of kitchen twine (who has kitchen twine laying around?) and to shove an orange in the turkey’s arse, to keep the stuffing stuffed and to make her nice and moist.

The other thing I learned is how to take a box of grocery store stuffing and turn it into a heavenly creation. Yes, my mom starts with boxed stuffing, (Mrs. Cubbison’s I think) and prepares it according to the box with items like celery, onions, parsley, and chicken broth, but then she adds a slew of other ingredients to make it her own. She just recently shared her stuffing secrets with me. And? Now I’m sharing them with all of you! You’re welcome!

Five Ingredients to Add to Boxed Stuffing:

1)   Dried apricots

2)   Chopped nuts (some recipes call for walnuts, but she uses mixed nuts to vary the flavor)

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3)   Jelly or cranberry sauce (she always has those mini jars of jelly in the cupboard that she steals from restaurants & hotels)

4)   Orange juice

5)   Chopped apples

She also adds in her own homemade breadcrumbs from frozen bread. She defrosts the bread, butters it, toasts it, rolls it out with a rolling pin, and adds it to the packaged mix. That might be taking it too far for a kitchen novice like myself.

With, or without the homemade breadcrumbs, add these five ingredients once you’ve prepared the box stuffing and you’ll in for a stuffing coma for sure on November 24th.

Happy Thanksgiving!

CLICK over to my personal blog, The Mama Mary Show, for my Cranberry Salsa Recipe, the BEST holiday appetizer EVER!


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