27 Things to Do With Cake Mix

In my opinion, there are a few things you shouldn’t mess with.
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I love to cook and bake, but let me tell you this…I do not bake brownies from scratch.  There is no point.  The fine people at Ghiradelli have brownies covered with their incredible brownie mix.  I’ve literally bit into a fresh bakery brownie before and thought about how much better the Ghiradelli mix is.

I’m never going to make my own ketchup.  Heinz has that all figured out.

I tried making my own yogurt once, and I’m going to steer clear of that too.

As wonderful as fresh and made from scratch are, there are some mixes and pre-packaged food out there that just make life easier.  And personally, I count cake mix as one of those things. Don’t mess around!  Click here to see 27 Things to Do With Cake Mix from Eat at Home.  Happy baking!

Let them eat cake…


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