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Slow Cooker Baked Potato Soup

I am admittedly a Pinterest recipe junkie. But here's my one Pinterest complaint. You see these amazing recipes that look DELISH when you pin them, and then you get all excited, make the recipe, serve it up for dinner and meh. Drives me nuts.

I quickly pinned this recipe when a Facebook friend who actually works in the culinary industry posted that she had was deleting pins when she didn't love the recipe and said that this was a keeper. Even make it in the slow cooker.

I've developed a very close relationship with my slow cooker and my freezer. Without freezing dinners ahead and that lovely slow cooker, it's possible we'd be eating frozen waffles for dinner. No joke.

Click here for this pre-tested slow cooker baked potato soup recipe from Mama Loves Food! Enjoy!

Image from Mama Loves Food!

Image from Mama Loves Food!

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