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Healthy Homemade Pancake Mix

A healthy homemade pancake mix to keep on hand. Mixing whole grains with white flour makes this mix healthier and kid friendly.
healthy homemade pancakes mix

I hate the pancake mix that rhymes with Miss Quick. It tastes way too much like baking powder and metal. Gross. But I can't deny that having a quick mix on hand to make pancakes in the awful morning hours, is very tempting. I came up with this healthy homemade pancake mix to keep on hand. Mixing whole grains with white flour makes this mix healthier and kid friendly. Nobody says you can't make it all whole wheat, or a blend of whole grains. Finely cut oatmeal lends a lovely, nutty texture beyond the bland Miss Quick. You could use nut flour, or add in flax or chia seeds, but since those contain (healthy!) omega 3 fats that can turn rancid if left too long, it's best to add them as you're making the pancakes instead of keeping them in the mix to store.

The pancake mix stores well on the shelf in a tightly covered container.

Healthy Homemade Pancake Mix

3 cups whole wheat flour

1 cup oat flour (a cup of oatmeal, processed in a food processor until finely ground)

4 cups all-purpose flour

6 Tbl baking powder

1 Tbl baking soda

2 tsp salt

5 Tbl sugar

Put all the dry ingredients into a mixing bowl. Whisk by hand, or use your paddle attachment to thoroughly mix the dry ingredients. Pour into a container with a tightly fitting lid.

pancake mixing bowl
healthy homemade pancake mix

(I like a container that makes it easy to use a measuring cup.)

To make pancakes:

making homemade pancake mix

Heat your griddle (or frying pan) while you're mixing. Whisk one egg, one cup of milk, and a tablespoon of melted butter into one cup of mix. (I eyeball the butter into a ramekin, and put egg and milk in a cup the night before. I really can throw it all together in less than two minutes.) You could add a dash of cinnamon or nutmeg, a handful of chopped nuts, or dried berries to change up regular pancakes.

Cook on a hot griddle and serve with whatever you feel like. One cup of mix makes about 12 small pancakes.

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