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Toys Could Be One of Your Best Parenting Decisions

Understanding the effects that toys have on your child’s development is extremely beneficial since you’ll be able to understand how your child, as an individual, understands the world around them as well as the best kind of toys that will benefit them the most.
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It’s safe to say that children love their toys. Every child has their favorite, and they can play hours of joy and entertainment.

However, with children’s toys being such an integral part of our children growing up, it goes without saying that the toys that they play with will have an effect on how they grow up, especially when it comes to how they interact with the objects in their environment.

Understanding the effects that toys have on your child’s development is extremely beneficial since you’ll be able to understand how your child, as an individual, understands the world around them as well as the best kind of toys that will benefit them the most.

Today, we’re going to explore the effect that toys have on your child, allowing you to make the best decisions when it comes to your child’s own developmental journey.


The Benefits That Toys Provide

The first, and most obvious benefit that playing with toys provides is a sense and ability of imagination. Whether your child is playing with action dolls or dress-up dolls, a toy is an object that helps to stimulate the imagination by making certain aspects seem real.

Of course, this has the obvious benefits of enhancing the way your child thinks creatively, but toys can do so much more than this. One of the most important considerations that toys provide is known as ‘fine motor skills’.

This refers to how your child actually interacts with the toys themselves. This could be holding them their hands, dressing them up, building structures out of Lego-like bricks or solving a box, such as a cube with shaped holes and associated pieces.

All these kinds of toys will have a dramatic effect on basic human functions, such as hand-eye coordination their problem-solving abilities. As a child gets older, the more these skills will develop, and they’ll be able to take them with them into any area of life they choose to take.

“I got my children interacting with toys from a young age, so the skills can be taught and developed early on, meaning they can get the maximum amount of time to enhance their abilities” shares Linda Harper, a parent and writer for UK Service Reviews.

Furthermore, children can develop strong association skills, especially when it comes to things like color, shapes and numbers, depending on the toys they are playing with. If you’re using toys like clay or Play-Doh-like toys, these can encourage all the skills listed above at the same time.

If your child is working on a play project, such as building a castle out of bricks or a base camp for their toy soldiers, completing a project successfully can dramatically boost their self-esteem and confidence in their abilities, bring about a complete sense of achievement.

It’s worth remembering that not all toys are designed to enhance your child’s development, even if they seem like they will. Toys with lots of lights, sounds, buzzes etc. can be stimulating to your child’s development if implemented properly, but, as the Huffington Post states, these can cause a distraction and may even become overwhelming.

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A Role-Play Role

Roleplaying, while dressing up or playing with doll-like toys, is a great format of play for children. For example, a child may be playing with a baby doll and will put themselves in a parental position where they are looking after the baby, feeding it and putting it to sleep etc.

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“Roleplay games are typically longer than most toys or board games, for example, and are therefore extremely beneficial when it comes to your child’s attention span, as well as becoming aware of their surroundings and other people who may be involved (think a children’s roleplay tea party with their friends where everybody has their own role)” explains Sarah Yang, a tutor for Top Canadian Writers.

Multiple Child in Play

If a child is playing with a toy with their friends or siblings, this is also incredibly beneficial to a child’s development.

“Whether they’re playing in a toy kitchen or using multiple toys in a social situation, learning to either play as a team, or to take turns is ideal for instilling the framework of teamwork and being fair, an attribute which is so important in everyday life” - Amy Crane, a teacher and writer for Revieweal.

Your Own Child’s Development

When it comes to choosing the right toys for your child, it’s important that you pay attention to what your child is like. What development stage is your child in and what do they respond to best?

If your child is having trouble learning colors, numbers or letters, is there a toy available to you that could help to improve this skill in an entertaining way?

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If your child enjoys roleplay games, buy the right toys that will encourage teamwork and being fair to other people when they are also playing, but customize the toys to cover a broad range of developmental areas where they can learn necessary skills while learning.

About the Author

Rachel Summers has worked in tirelessly in the education sector, tutoring students in schools and local communities. That gave her the expertise she needed to show students the way to study effectively, including UK Top Writers. She writes with this goal in mind, so you can get ahead in school or college.

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