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Top Ten Sickest States in 2014 (Do you live in one of them?)

Where does your state rank?

How does your state rank?

Sickweather recently conducted a study of data collected by their patent-pending process to qualify reports of illness from social media. This data was then used to identify the Top 10 Sickest States in 2014, and the Top 10 Healthiest States in 2014. Sickweather’s data scientists analyzed social media reports of allergies, flu, cough, colds and fever from January through October to determine the following:

Top 10 Sickest States:


  • Kansas - 3.96
  • Nevada - 3.26
  • Kentucky - 3.25
  • Texas - 3.10
  • West Virginia - 2.99
  • Oregon - 2.95
  • Indiana - 2.91
  • Oklahoma - 2.72
  • Massachusetts - 2.63
  • Nebraska - 2.48

Top 10 Healthiest States:

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  • Idaho - 1.16
  • New York - 1.16
  • Mississippi - 1.22
  • Montana - 1.24
  • Vermont - 1.38
  • Washington - 1.39
  • Maine - 1.39
  • New Jersey - 1.41
  • New Hampshire - 1.48
  • Utah - 1.48
Top Ten Sickest States

Total reports were then divided into the total population. 2014 population estimates were provided from the U.S. Census:

The Sickweather app is available as a free download here:
App Store -
Google Play -

About Sickweather: Sickweather, a Baltimore-based company, provides online reports and an iPhone app that scans social networks for indicators of illness, and maps real time data on more than 23 different symptoms and illnesses. Sickweather launched their beta website in November 2011, and now qualifies over 2,000,000 reports of illness each month.


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