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Top 5 Reasons Your Next Pet Should be a Chicken (or Flock of Chickens)

We love our backyard flock!
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Backyard Chickens

I have been raising chickens for 3 years now, so I am totally an expert. We bought a house and immediately bought 3 baby chicks to go with it-I was so excited to have my own little flock! We've learned so much in the last 3 years about chicken ownership, especially as we're raising a second brood of babies!

I'm sharing today why you want chickens in your life!

Backyard Chickens

1. They Make You Breakfast.

Backyard Chickens

I love having eggs every morning. It's like Easter everyday! They taste SO good and I love knowing what's going into my food!

2. Endless Hours of Entertainment

Backyard Chickens

Two of my chickens recently hopped our 7 ft fence into my neighbors yard to drink out of her fountain (yes, chickens can fly). She found herself completely intrigued watching them poke around the yard and interact with each other all day. They're really funny. They get into tiffs, they all have to be right next to each other, they love to roll in dirt and overall they're just really entertaining. It's like have a whole flock of feathered t-rexs roaming around your yard with their lizard feet and chicken combs. She loved it so much she's now brooding chicks with me!

We also love watching the baby chicks so much we set up their own skype with an old cell phone:

Backyard Chickens

3. You will WIN at Show & Tell

Backyard Chickens

Dog? lame. Cat? old news. Super awesome chicken? Yeeessssss. We've taken our birds in a few times for show and tell and every time it's a hit!

backyard chickens
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My personal favorite time is when Steven got to go to kindergarten. The fact that he matched her pink dress was perfection.

4. You Can Dye Them Fun Colors and Teach Them Tricks.

My birdies all know to come when I call. They also know that as soon as the sun begins to set, they need to go put themselves to bed and so they head to the coop to roost. And as far as the dying goes-you'll have to click over here to read the full story!

Backyard Chickens

I also find them occasionally in fun places around the house...

5. They are Easy Maintenance.

Our birds free-range around the backyard and the only time I have to clean up after them is if it's on the patio. Their coop needs to be refilled every 4-6 months with bedding and sprayed with Diatomaceous Earth (we do the deep litter method). I was actually reading and it's not a good idea to keep their coop sparkling clean-their waste has a way of decomposing and actually being healthful to them. In terms of smell, a healthy coop has very little, and we've never noticed one. We're spoiled because our shed has an overhang so we just cooped it in and made nesting boxes for them. They have lots of room in the coop and lots of room to roam the yard so they're very healthy and happy. You just have to keep up on their water and food bowls, but that's pretty standard pet ownership.

Backyard Chickens

We have loved having our little backyard flock, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments below! I've been documenting much of our chicken adventures over on Instagram @april.for.days, check it out!

More on Facebook!

We hosted a Facebook LIVE chat! Check it out:

Backyard Chickens are the Best! With April & Debbie

Posted by TodaysMama on Tuesday, April 26, 2016

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Top 5 Reasons Your Next Pet Should be a Chicken (or Flock of Chickens)

I have been raising chickens for 3 years now, so I am totally an expert.

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