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The Best Way To Spend 6 Hours In Heber Valley Utah

Bucket list worthy adventures (and some much needed grown up time)! Put this on your "Things To Do in Heber Valley" list. We know you have one!

Snowshoeing. Paddleboard Yoga. Lunch. Done. File this away in your "Things To Do In Heber Valley Utah" file. I know you've got one. 

There you go -- perfect girls day out -- and you've still got time to pick up carpool {that is . . . if you live in Utah}. Just visiting? This is a great way to maximize your time in the winter! The Heber Valley is just about 20 minutes east of Park City and full of some of the coolest things to do along the Wasatch Front. 

Live here? Just visiting? Here's your agenda:

7:30 A.M. Snowshoeing, Wasatch Mountain State Park (Heber Valley, UT)

That guy on the left? That's Blake, our guide from Park City Yoga Adventures. And that sun you see behind us? Your right. It's just barely working it's way up over the mountains. Our little adventure required an early wake up call, but it was worth every second!

Blake had our gear ready {snowshoes, poles, packs filled with snacks and hydration} and he even carved out a staircase in the snow behind us to get us up and over to the trailhead. 

Our Guide WIth Park City Yoga Adventures

Hitting the trail . . .


You know when you see fresh snow without tracks? How you just want to throw yourself in it? Well we took pictures . . . and then we tracked it up! A snow angel would have completely buried my body, so I'll settle for the satisfaction of first tracks. 

Showshoeing 2

Our destination! Also known as the "Tea Room". Our guide had our backpacks ready with snacks and bottles of hot herbal tea - perfectly timed!

Snowshowing HV

Did you know that hair can freeze? Ours did. It was pretty crispy {and hilarious}.

Frozen Hair

What to Wear Snowshoeing:

Wonder what to wear snowshoeing? Dress like you are going skiing. I dressed like I was going to Iceland. {You can check out all my gear HERE}. I also brought enough hand and foot warmers for a small army. Layers are the key. My husband teased me that I'd get too hot based on the number of layers I had on. I scoffed. Turns out he was right. I was sweating about half way up the trail. I peeled off a layer and was back to ideal internal temperatures. 

If you've got a sweet guide like Park City Yoga Adventures - they've got your snacks and hydration covered. Going on your own? Make sure you bring enough water and goodies. We highly recommend having a thermos full of tea. Mmmmm . . . 

9:30 a.m. Paddleboard Yoga at the Homestead Crater in Heber Valley

After a little over an hour of snowshoeing we headed over to the Homestead Crater where Park City Yoga Adventures had our paddleboards ready. We changed from our snow gear to our swim gear at the crater {there are changing rooms}. Blake, our multi talented guide then led us through a series of poses. Some easy . . . some geared especially to tip us over in the water. It was a blast!

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Dock in the Homestead Crater
Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga In The Homestead Crater

What to Wear Paddleboarding

I wore a two piece swimsuit with a pair of swim shorts and a tank top. You will get wet. They will make you. Even if you are the best yogi to ever downward dog. The water is warm and you won't mind falling in at all. As a matter of fact, I don't know that I've laughed that hard under water. I loved it.

The air in the crater is 60-65 degrees but the water itself is 95-98 degrees. The perfect combo!

11:30 A.M. Lunch at the Famous Blue Boar Inn

As you can imagine, by this point, we were hungry. After wrapping up yoga, we've changed back into normal clothes {yes, this day requires packing 3 outfits}, and headed out for lunch at the Blue Boar Inn

See that stack of medals? There were literally piles of medals all over the mantle showcasing all of the awards that the Blue Boar Inn has won. Lucky for them, the food lived up to all the fanfare! After a chilly morning of snowshoeing and doing my best to stay upright on a paddleboard IN THE WATER, I had worked up quite the appetite {and needed something WARM}.

Blue Boar

I ordered the French Onion Soup and the Salmon and it was HEAVEN. I left nothing on my plate. It's the happiest my body has been in a long time. The good kind of tired, paired with the best kind of food. I can tell you that others at my table were equally happy with their order. I might have been stealing fries from their plates - but they can get over it. I needed to carb up for the drive home. 

Salmon at the Blue Boar Inn

1:30 Head Home So You Can Pick Up Carpool!

We closed out our day by hanging out at the Blue Boar Inn for almost 2 hours chatting -- until we realized it was time to hit the road so we would all have enough time to snag afternoon carpool. 

It was a 6 hour excursion - but I feel like we did enough to fill a weekend. At least I felt recharged as if I'd taken that long of a break. I'll be heading back to Heber Valley SOON. It's been a great winter with amazing snow and the mineral water in the crater . . . well, let's just say I think it might have worked some miracles on my skin and hair. I might need a weekly dip!


Want more info about Heber Valley and ALL of the things you can do there? Check out -- you'll be amazed at all of the cool stuff up there!

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