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Easy (and cheap!) Super Bowl Party Ideas


Every year our family throws a big Super Bowl party. To be honest, I like sports but I'm not much of a sports fan. However, I do like parties! With 4 crazy-hyper kids that need to be included, I spend a lot of time thinking about food, games and fun that won't break the bank or cause me stress. Here are my favorite cheap and easy Super Bowl party ideas to keep the sports-lovers, haters and littles involved and happy during your big Super Bowl party.


Bingo is a MUST! We keep kid and adult prizes for the first one to call out Bingo. This is anything from a special drink, candy, or a dollar-store toy.

SheKnows has put together a fabulous set of Bingo cards. Visit their site HERE then click on each card to print. It's important to print each card to have variety for the Bingo cards. Print on cardstock to make stronger cards.



Just because the Super Bowl party is where you sit and watch TV doesn't mean you can't do anything else. We like to keep things moving for those that get tired of sitting (or the game, wink-wink), as well as the goo-gobs of kids we have running around.

This game is named FACE GOAL!

You’ll need two players and mini stuffed footballs (I'm not opposed to using marshmallows either). Have one player stand about 10 yards away from the other player and give them a bucket of small footballs. The second player will stand with their hands upright in field goal/touchdown position. To play, the first player must hike footballs (like hiking a football) underneath their legs into the the field goal of the other person, without hitting them in the face. The footballs only count if they go through the player’s arms, not above or around them. First team to hike 7 footballs through the field goal wins. 

Click here to see more hilarious minute-to-win-it party games.




31 questions of guessing fun! Winner is the person with the most correct answers! Make it a little more fun by asking guests to bring $1 for their card -- winner takes the pool!

Print your Super Bowl Predictions Card Game here. (courtesy

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We make a hard rule in our house that no Super Bowl commercials can be watched BEFORE the game. What's the fun in that?! This makes commercial bingo even more exciting on game day.

Print your Super Bowl Commercial Bingo cards here.



I have done personal veggie and dip cups the past few years and love them.These keep little hands out of the community dunking bowl (let's be honest--where have their hands been?!). It also creates less stress for those that just can't take double-dippers and let's ranch lovers bask in the joy of their own ranch (add more if you want!)

Img Source:



I love to have something that the kids can help me with. They really like getting involved in all the decorating ahead of time, but I also try to find an easy "thing" they can do while all the adults are mingling. We have loved creating football brownies. These are pretty easy because all you need is a football shaped cookie cutter! Make your brownies ahead of time and cut the shapes out (or let the kids do this part if they can). Buy pre-made frosting in tubes and let the kids decorate as footballs!

Img Source:



A Super Bowl party isn't a party unless you have team logos and colors everywhere! Sure you could go spend a fortune at the party store, but why when the wizards of the internet have FREE printables all over the place...and they are darling! Check out these awesome printables from Second Chance to Dream.

Click here for the full list and links to printables.


Still need some more decoration ideas? Check out Spaceships and Laser Beams for 100+ FREE Super Bowl Party Printables. CLICK HERE to check them out!


Having fun doesn't mean you have to go over the top and spend a lot of money. There's so much you can do that is easy and won't cause you extra stress. Do you have some favorite Super Bowl party ideas? We'd love to hear them! Comment below and help out all the other Mama's out there.



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