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Slowing Down and Snacking Better for the New Year

4 things I'm doing differently and the chocolatey snack that is along for the ride.
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I know the “holidays” are well behind us, but can we talk about what a WHIRLWIND life with kiddos is between the festive bookends of Halloween and New Year's Eve?

Every year I intend to plan and be prepared, but there is a point when all of the preparations sort of catch up and I am scrambling to get all the last minute stuff done. And it’s basically survival mode at that point. I think at one point I ate nothing but cookies and peppermint bark for an entire day.

Don’t judge me. Those gifts weren’t gonna wrap themselves.

So when January rolled around I made an effort to slow it down.

Way. Down.

This means being more aware of the schedule (and being honest about how long tasks and events will actually take.)

Being more deliberate about how we carve out time for fun. Fun that allows us to get some of those winter cabin fever wiggles out and spend less time in front of a screen.

Carving out more time for self-care for Mom and Dad. I know that’s a popular topic these days, but I believe in the whole, “Put on your own oxygen mask before you help another.) Not a lot of that happening in the holiday madness.

Better food choices. (Translation: stop eating the leftover gingerbread house party jelly beans!)

I’ve got a thing for a chocolate, so better food choices needed to include a good way for me to get my fix while being deliberate about putting the holiday smorgasbord behind me. One of my favorite treats are goodnessknows snack squares.

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They’ve been along for the ride on many of our adventures as we’ve kicked off our new year.

To the indoor pool…

goodnessknows 1

Running snowy errands…

goodnessknows 2

While I work so I don’t accidentally eat an entire burrito on the way home….

 Slowing Down and Snacking Better for the New Year

Slowing Down and Snacking Better for the New Year

All three flavors are crazy tasty—cranberry, almond, dark chocolate; apple, almond & peanut, dark chocolate; peach & cherry, almond, dark chocolate—with the right mix of sweet, crunch, and CHOCOLATE.

Each yummy snack square is only 40 calories and is full of good ingredients—no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. (I can’t say that about those jelly beans I was wolfing down.)

The great news for you is that goodnessknows is now available nationally. Try a little goodness for yourself. ;)

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of goodnessknows. The opinions and text are all mine.


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