6 Vacation Supplies You Should SHIP Instead Of Pack

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The school year is winding down, and Elsa finally let go of this year's eternal winter, which can only mean one thing—summer vacation is coming!


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Summer vacation means summer vacationing, but I think we can all agree that packing is the worst part of traveling. Packing for an overnight trip or a week seems to be equally terrible. If you're a mom, it's even worse because you're responsible for packing ALL. THE. PEOPLE.

I recently vacationed with some friends and their kids, and they taught me something that blew my mind. Instead of packing all the nitty gritty vacation supplies that weigh down your suitcase or make it necessary to check (hello, extra baggage fees), they made Amazon do the work for them and shipped stuff directly to their hotel. Genius.

Stacks of Amazon Boxes

The Today's Mama Editorial Team put their heads together, and came up with six vacation supplies you shouldn't pack. Instead, you can ship these bad boys directly to your destination. I've made it even easier by linking directly to some of our favs. Just click, add to cart, ship directly to your hotel, Airbnb, or relative's house, and you're done. At the end of your trip you won't feel guilty leaving these goods behind. Or you can pack them home if you have room. The choice is yours. The world is your oyster. And I can guarantee this will make your vacation at least 9.7% more enjoyable.

Baby Supplies

For being so tiny, babies require a lot of stuff. A lot of stuff that takes up a lot of room. Don't waste precious cargo space with diapers, wipes, formula, swim diapers, or pull ups. You will use most of that stuff completely up on your trip anyway. Pack only what you need for your travel time, and ship the rest to your destination.

Beach, Pool, and Other Gear

I'm just thawing out from winter, so I can't think of a vacation destination that doesn't involve a beach, pool, or the blazing sun. Pack these things for a trip where the sun shines: Sunscreen spray, face sunscreen stick, and because there's a 99% chance I will mis-apply sunscreen on myself...after sun gel. You may also want floaties, goggles, sand toys, and a beach bag. If you're headed somewhere wet, don't forget the ponchos.

Beach Toy Set

Toiletries and Medicine

This is the stuff I hate packing most of all. It's all the necessities, and the "just in case" stuff you will inevitably need if it's not on hand.

Grab a toiletry kit for women or toiletry kit for men to get all of the necessities like shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, toothpaste, etc. Or at the very least, send some disposable razors to your destination.

I heard about pre-pasted toothbrushes awhile ago, and they seem perfect for vacation. Use them once and toss them out. No little tubes or bulky toothbrush holders. Grab a 36 count pack or 144 count pack.

You don't have to pack your entire medicine cabinet, but it is nice to have Infant Tylenol, Children's Motrin, Zarbee's Children's Cough or Baby Cough medicine, Advil travel packs, allergy medicine for adults and for kids, and a first aid kit on hand, depending on what you think you'll encounter on your trip.

Food and Snacks

Why does everyone want to eat all the time? Don't they know you're on vacation too?!?! Sure, it's great to eat out, but doing that for every meal can get pricey. Stock up on some basic snacks and treats like goldfish crackers, fruit snacks, granola bars, or cracker snack packs, or even bottled water. If you're gluten free, check out these specialty snacks.

If you have space to cook, order your groceries online from Walmart. They will gather your order and even load it in your car. That means you have more time to enjoy your vacation.


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Kid's Entertainment

In a perfect world, kids would stay entertained with the vacation itself, but in reality, you may need some tricks up your sleeve. If you think you'll need to entertain some kids, ship sidewalk chalk, bubbles, crayon and coloring book sets, or activity books like this one or this one, or this fun kit that's both a craft and a game.

Vacation Supplies Rock Painting

More than Vacation Supplies: Souvenirs, Birthday, and Holiday Gifts

Here's a pro-tip for you. If you're headed to Disney, or any other theme park or major attraction, don't buy your souvenirs at the park. You can save a bundle by getting them on Amazon and having them shipped to you. Things like this Mickey Mouse plush, Minnie Mouse plush, Minnie Mouse headband, Mickey Mouse hat, Disney lanyard, or Disney pins will cost way less when you buy them online instead of at the park.

Mickey Mouse Plush Toy

If you're vacationing for a child's birthday, or over Christmas, Easter, or another holiday, Amazon has you covered with toys and games for every age.

That's our list of ship, don't pack vacation supplies. Did we miss anything? What would you ship?

(Also, I should probably note that if you're not already an Amazon Prime member, you should be. There are so many benefits. Sign up today here.)

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