Show 16 and Pregnant Reducing Teen Pregnancy Rates

When "16 and Pregnant" started airing in MTV parents and professionals worried that it could glorify teen pregnancy in turn increasing teen pregnancy rates. Studies are showing just the opposite.

When "16 and Pregnant" started airing on MTV, parents and family professionals worried that it could glorify teen pregnancy in turn increasing teen pregnancy rates.

Show "16 and Pregnant" Tied to Reduced Pregnancy Rates

Studies show that the news is just the opposite. Check it out:

Personally, example has always been my best teacher both for the good and the bad. Watching someone else experience the consequences of a bad decision was typically enough to keep me from making the same mistake. I've often credited the good choices that I made as a youth to some of the bad examples that I observed (insert memory of high school friend getting drunk and making out with a gross guy here).

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At ALT Summit in 2011 Seth Aaron from Project Runway joked that his kids make good choices because he lets them watch "COPS". He jokingly credited COPS for their straight A grades.


I am constantly concerned about what my kids are exposed to in the media and how it will impact their world view. I get more and more concerned the closer my kids come to being teens when I will have less control of what content they come in contact with. Is it possible that our kids have stronger filters than we think?

What do you think? Have you watched "16 and Pregnant"? Do you (or would you) let your teen watch the show?


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