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Review - We Love To Sew: 28 Pretty Things to Make

My 9-year old and I tested out the instructional sewing guide for young girls, "We Love to Sew" by Annabel Wrigley. See what we learned and what she made all by herself!

Looking for something to do with your daughter that does not involve an electronic device and can build a lifetime of memories? Why not try sewing?

Get your creative beginner (or yourself!) started with a great resource, We Love to Sew: 28 Pretty Things to Make by Annabel Wrigley.

We Love to Sew - 28 Pretty Things to Make

My 9-year old and I have flipped through and tried a couple of the projects. I was impressed to see the easy-to-follow instructions. I could move from the over-involved teacher role to a supportive helper. My daughter gained confidence as she realized she could make something by herself!

Wallet by LCJ from We Love to Sew

She measured, cut, made a template, stitched, pressed, turned and snapped her way to a fun, new wallet! What did she think?

"I don't want to stop sewing!"

Lucy Learning to Sew

I was there to demonstrate how to use a rotary cutter and how to back stitch on our sewing machine. My daughter sewed every little stitch and learned wrong- and right-sides of fabric, pressing, and that math can be useful for fun things too. Now she likes to have Sewing Saturday so we can keep trying new things.

Written by Annabel Wrigley, the book is a product of her experience in teaching young students how to make pillows, scarves, purses, headbands and more. She is also a popular sewing instructor on

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The soon-to-be seamstreses in your life will love picking a favorite project and getting started. Before long, every fabric your daughter sees will become a potential gift for a friend. Here are some zipper bags that were instantly gifted with pride.

"The zippers really work!" she squealed.

We Love to Sew Zipper Bags

I love that my daughter and I get to spend time together, learning a useful skill and gaining the perspective that even if stitches aren't straight, "imperfection IS a beautiful thing." This book may have just inspired our Homemade Holidays as we try to put more meaning and time into the gifts we're making for our family. Looks like we have eight more Sewing Saturdays until Santa pops in.

My Proud Stripe-Lovin' Seamstress

Disclosure: I was provided with a review copy of the book. The fabric, fun and cute new items, along with all opinions, belong to me and my daughter.

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