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NO! My Child Will Not Participate In Your Ridiculous School Fundraiser

Here's what she'll do instead.

It's inevitable. Your child WILL come home from school with a fundraising packet. 

Your child will have been hyped up (and emotionally manipulated) by an assembly, bribed with chintzy prizes, and sent home with a stack of sales materials and the hopes that they will sell enough to earn that laser lights bike. Just 300 items sold and you'll earn a ______ ! Sign me up! 

school fundraising, 3D rendering, blue street sign

school fundraising, 3D rendering, blue street sign

It always feels a little dirty. Selling mostly overpriced junk to your friends and family. Using my kid to do it. Knowing that the school will only keep a percentage of money. No one in this whole scenario feels good . . . except the purveyor of all that wrapping paper and cookie dough. 

My kid is not selling your crap. 

Here's what she'll do instead:

My child will be offering her age appropriate cleaning services in our home and at her grandparents house to earn her school fundraiser donation. She'll contribute 100% of that cash to the school. 

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Her reward? A quick search on Amazon found exactly the street carnival junk prizes you offered the children at school (and for dirt cheap). I've ordered a few incentives for her. Prime will have them to me in 2 days.


Who wins? EVERYONE. Except the overpriced wrapping paper company. 

The Disclaimer + Some Better School Fundraiser Ideas

Listen. I know how hard it is to come up with all of that PTA money. I'm not saying I don't want to give it. BUT there are better ways. AND I want my school to get ALL the money I send, not just a percentage. So for your PTA / PTO presidents stressed out how to make that happen, here are some of the best fundraisers I've seen (and feel good about participating in):

  • Walk-A-Thons / Fun Runs sponsored by the mile
  • Art Strolls (Yes, you actually BUY your own kids artwork)
  • Add A Line Item To Registration (Make it clear that if everyone donates you can GET RID of fundraisers all together. Find local businesses to match donations to help make up for families who can't donate)
  • Seasonal Raffles (Think class baskets by donation etc.)
  • Create an Amazon Wishlist for the school

There are so many great options that don't involve my kid selling cookie dough and chotskies door to door. 

How does your school handle fundraisers? 


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NO! My Child Will Not Participate In Your Ridiculous School Fundraiser

It’s inevitable. Your child WILL come home from school with a fundraising packet.

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