Love Buckets Family Valentine Tradition

Love Buckets Family Valentine Tradition

Valentine's Day is one of our family's favorite holidays, and it's due in large part to a tradition we started several years ago. One of the goals I have as a mom is to help my children show each other how much they love one other, and these Love Buckets Family Valentine Tradition do that! It's our way of celebrating Valentine's Day...and each other.

I found these cute buckets at Michaels' for a couple of dollars, then I added their names in vinyl lettering. If you want to create your own but don't have access to vinyl lettering, you can always use letter stickers found at a scrapbook store, or even print names on cute scrapbook paper and mod podge them on! Each year I cut out hearts in red, white, and pink cardstock to use with the buckets.

How does it work?

Starting around mid-January, I set the buckets on a ledge in our family room where everyone can reach them, and we have a special Family Night to get things started! Throughout the week, the kids write notes or draw pictures (depending on their age) on the hearts for each other-- either something that they love about that person, or an act of service that they performed for them. My husband and I definitely join in the fun, and it's a great time to praise them for things we've noticed they've done well at school or at home, tell them what we appreciate and love about them, or even simply to share a funny joke! I'm even known to sneak in a piece of candy or two.

We check the buckets once a week, and it's always exciting for everyone! I love how much they look forward to it, and how it really builds them up. You can see it on their faces and in their demeanor--it's wonderful!

We continue through Valentine's Day, but sometimes I think we should do it all year long! What are your family valentine traditions?


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Tradition is one of my favorite words, and probably my favorite Christmas word.