"Linda, Honey, Listen!" Toddler Gives Persuasive Argument In Pursuit Of A Cupcake

This 3-year-old wants a cupcake so bad, he makes a funny and spirited argument that will make you laugh and warm your heart.
"Listen, Linda!" Toddler Gives Persuasive Argument In Pursuit Of A Cupcake www.TodaysMama.com

Get ready to hear the most spirited argument ever in pursuit of a cupcake.

This persuasive toddler wants a cupcake baaaad, which I can certainly understand, being a cupcake lover myself. While at his grandma's house, where apparently he thinks he can touch anything, his mom tells him he and his brother can't have a cupcake. Well, he goes for it anyway, and gets caught. His argument is downright adorable, especially when he's defending his brother, whom he calls "my little papa." You can't help but LOL at this cupcake-worthy speech. No wonder he's gone viral!

Cupcake lovers, unite!




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