9 Clever Kids Room Ideas

These pics are so cool, you'll want to steal these kids room ideas!
9 Clever Kids Room Ideas www.TodaysMama.com

Looking for a little inspiration? Check out these cool, funky and clever kids room ideas!

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1. Love this art gallery from HGTV

2. Kids love cubbies, and these from Pastel Patterns are adorable

3. Wake up to sunny walls from Good Housekeeping

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4. Go camping every night with this idea from Asucssi

5. It's a bird, no it's a plane! Love this idea from House and Garden UK.

6. Wallpaper near the ceiling is pretty clever, wouldn't you say?

7. Fun and funky furniture from Casamidy makes this room shine

8. These bunks in walls have a space-age look

9. A stencil and shelves create the look of a tree with branches on Houzz


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