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A bright and shiny holiday giveaway for your little people!
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I've talked a lot about family safety and technology. My last post talked about locking down your devices (like smart phones and tablets) with the right safety settings. Wouldn't it be easier if you could just buy a kid friendly tablet with all of the right settings and features for a child? You can, and for far less money! Check out the iDeaPlay Tablet:

iDeaPLAY Tablet

iDeaPLAY Kids Tablet


  • Android 4.2 Operating System
  • 4 GB Internal Storage
  • WiFi
  • 7 inch Display
  • Silicone Protective Bumper (personalize in blue, green, pink or purple)
  • Ultralight
  • Videochat Camera
  • Water Resistant
  • Drop Resistant
  • Supports Flash 11.1
  • Use Time: 4 Hours
  • SupportCare Diagnostic App
  • Pre-Loaded With Apps
Pre-Loaded Apps on iDeaPLAY

As a parent I don't have to stress out about what they are going to stumble upon by accident. I don't need to worry about them breaking or destroying the $500 device. From the kids perspective, they get all of the features and less of their parents stressing out.

Child Safety

  • Rated "Safest Kids Tablet"

Black Friday Deals

iDeaPLAY kids tablet will be on sale for only $99 on Black Friday at By entering the promo code ‘ideaplay’ at checkout, you will save $30 when purchasing the safest and most versatile Android kids tablet on the market! (Regularly $129)

One to Win!

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