Japan Trend: Parents Squishing Baby's Faces To Look Like Rice Balls

Just when you thought Japan couldn't get any crazier, yet another trend that originated in Japan is taking the internet by storm.
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Japanese Squishy Face Trend

Stranger things have happened in Japan...

Just when you thought Japan couldn't get any crazier, yet another trend that originated in Japan is taking the internet by storm. But unlike Japanese game shows where contestants do nasty things to each other, this trend is actually pretty cute.

Parents are squishing their babies' faces to resemble rice balls. Yes, of all the shapes you can mush your baby's face into, rice balls are now on top. 

Parents place their thumbs under the baby's cheeks and "frame" their face. People are even trying it out on dogs and pets, too! I guess it's like breading only you aren't wasting bread.

Check out this fun new social media trend. And don't squeeze your baby's face too hard or it might stay that way.


Squishy Baby Face Trend


Cutest Squishy Baby Face Pictures!




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