Garden Design Ideas - Container Plants

Want a beautiful garden with half the work? Take this ready-made list of container plants to your local nursery and your container garden will nearly plant itself.
Garden Design Ideas - Container Plants-Featured

Love the idea of a beautiful garden but without all the work?

I'm always dreaming of new garden design ideas, then reality sets in. Doing an entire yard takes WORK! Just ask Carina about her front yard makeover.

Then, I discovered container gardening. Take a beautiful vessel, fill it with dirt, a few plants and you're finished! Just like adding a new throw pillow to neutral couch, a container garden can bring color or a focal point to any landscape.

You can plant vegetables, herbs or flowers in a container. Want to have fresh fruit on your patio? Plant a dwarf-sized peach or orange tree in a container.�� Who says you need a big backyard?

You decide how big or small, sun-loving or shade, bright colored or monochromatic. Find a fun container and start digging. The possibilities are endless.

The trickiest part for me has been picking my container plants. Here's a list to get you started-

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Oakbridge Greenhouse - A wonderful local nursery that stores my containers over the winter and delivers in the spring. Find a nursery near you and don't be afraid to ask questions.

Tin Pail Container from Better Homes & Garden

Star Nursery - Find colorful pottery at your local nursery and avoid paying large shipping feees.

Classic Geraniums - Want something simple? Your local Target or Walmart may have a geranium and an inexpensive container to get you started.

Dwarf-sized Peach Tree - Enjoy a fruit tree on your porch.

Planting a Vegetable Pallet Garden

Southern Living - Use a large drink tub to hold plants.

What are your favorite container plants?

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