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Our 10 Favorite Holiday Photo Card Designs

Tis the season! And you’ve got better things to do than wade through 200,000 photo card options online. Our editorial team has all ready done that for you!

Tis the season! And you've got better things to do than wade through 200,000 photo card options online. Our editorial team has all ready done that for you! 

We've picked our favorite designs {and we' think you'll love them too}!

Rachael's Picks

Bountiful Joy

It’s basic but bright and has several options to customize the copy for the right holiday or time of year. Bonus? I love how this looks with a black and white photo! 

Holiday Card Ideas From Minted

Foil Press Christmas Card

Another card that looks great with a black and white photo yet has a few pops of color {and gorgeous foil press}!

Foil Press Christmas Card

Erin's Picks

Holiday Ornament Card

A card that doubles as an ornament-slash-gift?! SOLD. Grandparents are getting these for sure. 

Ornament Card From Minted

"So Excited" New Year Photo Card

Let's be honest, I can send a "Happy New Year" card anytime through January and still be within my holiday window. That buys me some time. I love this design because I have approximately 453 photos of my kids making an EXCITED face that will go nicely with this design. 

"So Excited" New Year Card From Minted

Kalli's Picks

Merry Elfin Christmas

Because it's kind of like swearing on your Christmas card, but not all the way. 

Merry Elfin Christmas
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Timeless Greeting

Simple, perfect!

Timeless Greeting Holiday Card From Minted

Anna's Picks

Vintage Library Card Year In Review

You can customize for Christmas, Holidays or New Year (because sometimes I can't quite get my act together). It gives a fun run-down of the year with the option of having a tag cut-out rather than just a flat card. Plus, I can customize with a photo and message on the back.

Library Card Year In Review Minted Card

Classic Charm

I love full frame photo cards. This one has a bit of a different font that I liked. Plus, the free recipient addressing has got to be the most amazing thing ever. So classy.

Classic Charm Christmas Card From Minted

April's Picks

Holiday Baby Announcement

This is totally wishful thinking BUT IF this baby arrived before Christmas, I would totally be using this adorable card!! I love the simplicity and the humor! The ZZZZ lined envelop that matches is the cutest thing ever!

Holiday Baby Announcement

Happy Holidays {From Your City}

How amazing is this? I'm completely in love with letterpress and foil and I just love the idea for this card! My 7 year old could totally draw our families Christmas Card for the year and have it forever saved as a gorgeous letter-pressed foil! Gorgeous!

Happy Holidays Rose Gold Foil Press

Now get busy! We'll be waiting by our mailboxes for a copy! 

Happy Holidays!

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