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5 Family Nighttime Activities


It’s no question that most kids were excited to head outside to trick-or-treat on Halloween. But what about other fall evenings? While getting time outside in fall -- with school in session and shorter days -- may be a little bit harder than in the summer, it’s no lessimportant for kids’ well-being. It's super fun too! We put together 5 family nighttime activities, so get ready to head out!

1. Go on a sunset walk: It’s a simple premise, but sometimes having a goal like catching the sunset is all the excuse we need to get outside for an evening family walk. Encourage younger kids to talk about the different colors that appear, which colors they like the most, and where else they see those colors.

2. Play flashlight tag: It may be a bit cooler in the fall months, but that’s no reason for kids to miss out on the exercise and fun of an evening game of tag. Dress warm, grab some flashlights, and head out for a quick game!

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3. Go for the glow: Buy an inexpensive glow in the dark beach ball, football or Frisbee. No matter the age of your child, you can take a game of catch that you’d normally do outside during the day easily into the evening (and add a fun twist) by using a glow-in-the-dark ball.

4. Stargaze in November: This November there will be a variety of cool astronomical events, including a hybrid solar eclipse, the Taurids meteor shower, the Leonids meteor shower, and the newly discovered comet ISON will approach the sun, resulting in a comet that may be nearly as bright as the full moon (some astronomers are already calling it the comet of the century!). Talk about fun family friendly nighttime outdoor activities!

5. Give owling a try: On a night when you have a bit more time, give owling a try. Certain owls can be found in suburban environments throughout much of the country, so you may not have to go far from home to hear or see an owl in the evening.


Amanda Kirkpatrick contributed this article.


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