Families Who Crushed Their Annual Holiday Cards

Most Creative? Best Dressed? Cared WAY Too Much? Most Likely To Be Featured In A J. Crew Catalog... all categories you need to be considering.

The only people I've ever heard say that they hate holiday cards are the people in the middle of the ridiculous process of coordinating everything that needs to happen to actually send them out. But they still do it because freaking holiday cards are the best!

When else do you get to open up your mailbox to find it stuffed with happy mail from family and friends from all over kingdom come? Bonus? You get to then judge everyone else's cards as you hang them on your fridge or wall or fancy card display thingy you picked up at Hobby Lobby.

Most Creative? Best Dressed? Cared WAY Too Much? Most Likely To Be Featured In A J. Crew Catalog... all categories you need to be considering.

Don't let there be shame in your family's holiday card game either, there's plenty of inspiration to be gleaned below and I won't tell if you straight steal any of these ideas for next year.


This family wins Best Leg, for sure. Ralphie would be SO proud, I just know it. PS did you know that the kid that played Ralphie (Peter Billingsly) also played the elf that supervises the toy shop at the North Pole in Elf? IT'S TOTALLY TRUE! 


Mrs Claus and her main man


Motherboy! Love seeing this one of a mom and her adult son. 


Two happy Santas and a couple of festive pups, so much Christmas cheer! 


Babies and tinsel, YES!


Chrismakkuh is a thing, and here's how it's done. 


The best collage I ever did see, I'd hang out with those Hackworths based off their Christmas card alone!


Growing your family in a non-traditional way? Love this idea for getting the word out!


You, light up my life, and stuff like that. 


Collage murals like this always blow my mind. This family took a snapshots of their epic road trip and created this one out.


My mom always said to never pick up hitch hikers but I'd probably make an exception for this pair.




I laughed so hard through this couple's series of themed holiday photos. They just keep getting better and better!


Actually reminds me a lot of my friends, Laura and Adam (and baby Lydia) who out-do themselves every year. 2014 featured an 80's Sears Portrait Studio vibe, that turtleneck wins all the things and the bangs, OH THE BANGS!


Some other friends of mine took a family photo with a baby that wasn't theirs and sent it out to see if people would notice. GENIUS!

Have you ever sent out a holiday card just for laughs? I'd love to hear about it!


handmade holiday card cover

Easy Handmade Holiday Cards

I’m ashamed to admit that last years Christmas cards went out somewhere around the 22nd of December - not even a magician could make them arrive in Australia for the big day, what with the time difference and all.