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Eggnog Syrup Recipe

This syrup is always on the Christmas breakfast menu and without fail I catch people sneaking spoonfuls or asking to DRINK it! It's that good.

Want to make breakfast festive? Make eggnog syrup!

Each year we host a Christmas Eve breakfast with friends. This syrup is always on the menu and without fail I catch people sneaking spoonfuls or asking to DRINK it! It's that good. It's buttery, and creamy, and the perfect compliment to Christmas! 

We love this syrup with Eggnog Pancakes or King Arthur's Gluten Free waffles (I'm gluten free, my family is not, they like these waffles better than any other "regular" waffle recipe they've ever tried).


Eggnog Syrup Recipe

The recipe we always use is from -- while I'd love to say that we've tweaked it and adapted it for your enjoyment, we use the recipe exactly as she has posted and it's PERFECT. You can get the full recipe and instructions HERE.

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