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Easter Bunny Tail Cakes

Make Easter bunny tail cakes for the holiday, or for any time you want a cute dessert. They're easy, yummy, and cute!
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Make Easter bunny tail cakes for the holiday, or for any time you want a cute dessert. They're easy, yummy, and cute!

Bunny Tail Cakes for Easter.jpg

You'll need one recipe of cake batter (I used yellow, you could use whatever you like,) frosting, flaked coconut, and silicone baking pans in half circle molds (I bought mine from Amazon.)

Make cake batter and grab an ice cream scoop (so much easier than a spoon or measuring cup.)

Filling cake pan

Fill with cake batter and bake about 15 minutes, until a toothpick inserted in the center of a cake comes out clean.

Perfect Half Cakes

Cool the cakes for about 10 minutes and then slide a knife along the top of the pan to even out the tops.

slice tops off of cakes with knives.jpg

Smear one side with frosting, or even fill with a little jam, and join two halves together.

Fill with jam and frosting

This is the messier part--you have to coat the outside with frosting (it's easier if the frosting is a little softer.)

bunny tail frosting.jpg

I dyed the coconut by add two drops of food color to two cups of coconut and shaking them in a covered jar until it was lightly pink (or blue, green, etc.)

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dyed pastel coconut

Roll the frosted cake in coconut flakes.

Bunny Tail Cake

Let them sit for a few minutes on a wire rack to set up.

Cute Bunny Tail Easter Cakes

Tada! Perfect for Easter or a cute spring brunch.

Bunny Tail Cakes for Easter.jpg

Easter bunny tails! My kids loved them!

how to make easter bunny tail cakes.jpg.jpg
Easter Bunny Tail Cakes TM 1

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