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An Early New Year's Resolution

I just ate over 400 calories in chocolate. I am pretty sure my doctor would frown upon this decision. Though, in my defense, it really doesn’t feel like it was a true decision. That Cadbury Dairy Milk bar was not something I bought for myself. It had been smiling at me from inside the refrigerator door ever since my husband brought it home last week, and today I caved.

Early New Year's Resolution

This is why I can’t buy chocolate for the house. I can never have just one little piece. No, I have to devour the entire chocolate bar, bag of candies, or box of Coco Puffs. Okay, the box of cereal might be an exaggeration, however, I’d bet on myself if someone presented it as a challenge.

Food has never been a weakness for me. That is, until I started growing a baby. Suddenly, these days, everything looks delicious. I can’t watch television without some food ad speaking directly to me. Wow, the power of suggestion, who knew that it really worked?

Now, whenever I go to the OB/GYN for weekly checkup, the sight of the scale gives me flutters. What are the numbers this time, I inwardly shudder. Usually, and thankfully, they are never as horrible as I envisioned. Still, to read a number that I have never before seen in my life as reflection of my physical girth is daunting.

Of course, I am overjoyed that underneath this incredibly round layer of skin, a beautiful baby is being created. It is the coolest and weirdest experience of my life. But my body image, the protrusion from my center, the struggle to get up from a prone position, how does one cope with all of this? I look at my body in the mirror and wonder, will I ever look “normal” again?

In order to quell all these doubts and fears I’ve decided to be proactive and start early on my new year's resolution. I created a group on Facebook inviting a ridiculous amount of friends to join me in a quest I’m calling Looking Good in 2014. This group is devoted to the idea that we will support each other in a fitness goal of completing a marathon in approximately one year’s time from the birth of my daughter. I find that there is something powerful about inviting others to share your goals. Not only does it make you accountable to others, it also spurs inspiration and creates a fun atmosphere.

Next, this group will select a marathon event to complete by the end of the year. My sister did this for her 35th birthday. It was her inspiration that helped me run a half marathon, a feat I would have never set out to do on my own. Whenever that little voice told me it was okay to sit my butt on the couch, I’d remember that daunting race, and my desire to cross the finish line. This is why having a big event centered on your end goal is essential. Plus it’s a great excuse to travel and party with your friends!

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It turned out, running alongside 20,000 people, in the Savannah Rock N’ Roll Marathon was one of the most memorable and exhilarating experiences of my life! And even though I was not a runner by any stretch of the imagination, I crossed the finish line, and all of our friends crossed it too. Explicit joy!

So here's my next step, spread the word. I want to invite all you mamas to join me in this quest. This isn’t just about looking good in 2014, it goes much deeper. For me, its not about weight or size. Instead, I want to feel healthy, strong, and capable of setting goals that challenge and inspire me. I want to feel beautiful in my skin and in my new identity as a Mom. I don’t want to lose sight of myself in the midst of all these new demands. Rather, I want to be an example to my daughter, showing her that its good to challenge our mental and physical stamina, that living healthy, and taking time for ourselves and our bodies is important.

The Looking Good in 2014 Facebook Event is open to the public. I figure the more, the merrier, the more inspiring, and who knows where we can take this group. I hope it grows!

I’ll be posting inspiration and events throughout the year. So far, my siblings and I have signed up for the Oak Barrel Half Marathon in Lynchburg, TN, taking place in April 2014. Of course, I have no idea how well I’ll fare, it’s been two years since I’ve been running and then there is the whole breastfeeding factor to consider. Not to mention the fact that I’ve never been a runner! Oh and the course has an upwards climb a mile long. Eeek! So much to learn, but so exciting!

If you’re at all feeling like a marathon is a ridiculous feat, trust me, I am right there with you. It frightens me, but in a good way. Also, there’s no need to make the full marathon your goal. My Savannah Rock N’ RollHalf Marathon was super exhilarating and I felt the runners high for an entire week. It was awesome!

I really hope you’ll join us or start your own "looking good" group. Are you looking for more inspiration? Here's an image I found on Pinterest. Or you can view my inspiration board.

I'll be looking for you mamas at the finish line!


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