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Do THIS to Save 5,800 Gallons of Water

Did you know that donating a bag of clothes has the potential to offset 5,800 gallons of water by reusing rather than producing new?

Did you know that donating a bag of clothes has the potential to offset 5,800 gallons of water by reusing rather than producing new?

There's a brilliant organization called Schoola that makes your donation easy AND powerful.

Schoola #PassTheBag

Check this out:

Schoola is an online consignment shop that sells gently used kids’ clothes. What makes Schoola different is that for every $5 spent, $2 is donated to schools!

Reduce your consumption of brand new goods

Reuse kids’ clothes from top brands that are built to last

Recycle funds back into the school programs that keep kids growing

One Bag of Clothes...

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Reduces water consumption by avoiding new clothing production - up to 5,800 gallons per bag!

Reuses loved pieces that are too-soon outgrown

Recycles funds back into school programs that are experiencing budget cuts

Schoola #PassTheBag

I literally just cleaned out my son's closet the other day and there were still clothes with tags on them. There were sweaters and button downs in practically new condition (because obviously mom was the only one who thought they were a good idea).

Schoola: #PassTheBag

Here's what you can do:

  • Request a donation bag at
  • Fill it with clothes in good condition. Send it back (the postage is on them!) Could it be any easier to consign your old clothes?
  • Shop Schoola! You can snag a $15 credit when you sign up for Schoola!

Questions? Check out their FAQ

I've requested my bag. Will you? #PassTheBag

*Post sponsored by Schoola {full disclosure: we think it's pretty cool whether it was sponsored or not}


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