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Death of a Bra - How to Avoid Bra Shopping Mistakes

Nothing feels quite like a new bra! Unless it's the wrong new bra. Going bra shopping soon? Learn how to avoid the common bra shopping mistakes.

It happened. It was a traumatic way to start the day. One of my favorite bras finally gave up the ghost.

Bit the dust. Croaked. Snapped.


What is there to miss? Everything. This was a perfect bra for either a casual t-shirt or for a fancy v-neck dress. The straps were soft yet they didn’t slip, secure hooks and just the right amount of support. May the 4711 rest in peace.

Death of a Bra

Aye, there’s the rub. I knew this day was coming. No, not the day that I’d stoop so low to put a picture of my underwear on the Internet. But the day that I knew I’d need to let go of this treasure. Maybe it’s a sign that I’ll have to let go of other things too, like my children as they head off to school?

I’ve been scouring the world over for a replacement and have purchased at least six understudies, all failures, waiting in the closet for desperate times as these. Sadly, despite the clamor from hundreds of women, hoping to bring the 4711 model out of retirement, this wonderful piece of fabric and elastic has seen its last day. Maybe the retired number should be hung from the rafters like a uniform of some great athlete?

How to Avoid Bra Shopping Mistakes - Like Neon

The Quest- Finding a new brassiere

It’s so obvious when you’ve found the WRONG bra… the places that rub you wrong, the bulging back that looks like you’re wearing a skinny belt too high, the breasts that are now Quadra-Boobs. With so many ways to go wrong, bra shopping can feel like you’re Indiana Jones hopping your way to safety, a bra disaster waiting for you with every misstep.

Which leads me to the real topic of this discussion –

How to Avoid Bra Shopping Mistakes

How to Avoid Bra Shopping Mistakes
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What makes a good bra? Is it so hard to find the ideal? Can’t there be an easy answer to finding a bra that fits, is fashionable, won’t break the bank and will help me define who I am, underneath it all, that is?

Be honest with yourself.  I’m not my grandma and I’m not a teenager. I don’t need sequins and rhinestones. Really, the only thing I want in a push-up variety is a popsicle.

Victoria Secret is so 10 years ago. If you’re over 25, you’ll put up with a lot of leopard print and perfume to try and find a bra that fits. There’s a time and place for everything and VS is neither the time or place for a no-frills, Honda-of-a-bra to get you through those normal days.

Leave the potty-training child home.  Bra shopping doesn’t have to be your next girls’ night activity, but neither is it the time to drag along a potty-training child who just finished a quart of lemonade. Trust me.

Ask for help. Help can be a professional bra fitter, your bestie, an online sales associate or even just the Über-useful review comments in a Title Nine catalog. The other adult in my house even tried to assist, but duck tape is not going bring my old 4711 back to life.

Just keep trying.  I know there’s a perfect fit out there. One day soon, I’ll have the time and courage to explore. I’ll be able to tell myself bra shopping can be FUN and hope that it WILL be.

 Image from Nestle

Image from Nestle

The good news, once you’ve finally found THE ONE, the Bra That Fits Like No Other, you’ll probably get pregnant or it will be discontinued. For now, I’ll have to settle with the on-sale-for-20-bucks, while-I-was-back-to-school-shopping, racing-my-toddler-to-the-potty, supercenter bra to tide me over.

What are your best kept secrets for avoiding bra shopping mistakes?

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