Does This Dad Look Happy About His Daughter's Prom Date?

This prom picture photobomb of a seemingly disapproving dad is LOL funny.

This photo bomb of dad Gene Chizik behind his daughter and her prom date went viral, and it's pretty clear why.

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 8.06.36 AM

Jeri Dickey, the mom of the boy (aka the recipient of the stink eye), tweeted this as the kids went off to enjoy their evening away from the glare of any disapproving dads:

"You think my son will come home from prom alive?"

She later added, "HA HA YES it is real, but he really does like my I hope he was photobombing. Mrs Chiz took it b4 they left," Dickey tweeted.

It's unclear whether Mr. Chizik was joking around, but Mrs. Dickey seems to think so. She wrapped the story with this tweet:

"For the record my son made it out alive!#prom2k14"

Do you have any LOL photo bombs of your family? Please share them below!