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Building a Terrarium with Kids

A great learning project for your kids can also be lovely to keep in your home!
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Placing the plants in the terrarium

A great learning project for your kids, terrariums can also be lovely to keep in your home!
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Building a Terrarium with Kids

Terrariums are enclosed, or partially enclosed, containers for growing plants. A terrarium is a great way for kids to understand a small ecosystem, not to mention a lovely addition to your decor. Closed terrariums are like mini rain forests that generate everything plants need to grow and thrive. Open terrariums, like the kind we made, need only a little extra attention to thrive.

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Building a terrarium with kids was a little messy, but they had a lot of fun assembling them, even the toddler got in on the fun. The cost for this project ranges. You can certainly spend top dollar on new containers, or use any glass jars or bowls you might have around the house. The charcoal, sand, soil, and rocks cost less than $20. I had plenty left over, so you could split the cost with a friend. Since we made open terrariums with plants that need less water, I went with dried moss from the craft store instead of living moss. You can use seashells or other small objects you've gathered, like pebbles and sticks from your yard, to create more interest in your terrariums.

What You'll Need:

  1. Clean containers for your terrarium
  2. Plants (pick types that have similar water requirements)
  3. River rocks and pebbles
  4. Charcoal and sand
  5. The right soil for your plants
  6. Moss and other items for decorating



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