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Best Baby Music Lullabies

I started to sing a lullaby. Then I realized I didn't know any lullabies. Save yourself the anguish and choose one of these baby music albums.

When I had a baby and was first faced with a crying infant in the bouncy seat while I hurried to take a two-minute shower, I started to sing a lullaby. Then I realized I didn't know any lullabies, and started singing Hey There Little Red Riding Hood by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs. If there's a reason to send your kid to newborn psychological therapy, that may be it.

Soon after, someone gave me a real lullaby CD and I started playing it for my babe. Then I was introduced to the Rockabye Baby Series and fell in love, although it is weird to hum Nirvana's Polly while rocking your baby. Here's a gratuitous video of Kurt Cobain singing Polly unplugged. What's a post about baby music without Nirvana.

Best Baby Music

Best Baby Music

1. Baby Einstein Lullaby Classics - This may sound like low-hanging fruit for a list like this, and it is. Because it's awesome and my babies loved it.

Baby Einstein Lullaby Classics

2. Rockabye Baby! has produced a plethora of secular-tunes-turned-lullabies. Imagine ACDC, xylophone style. At this point, just about all the big music names since the 1970's have been made into lullabies. The biggest upside to this is that you can [silently , in your head] sing your favorite tunes while rocking your baby in a zombie stupor of sleeplessness. The downside is that at some point you'll fall asleep, then jerk awake and realize a baby is still attached to your boob and Pearl Jam is xylophoning Jeremy in the background. Creepy or comforting -- you choose.

3. Putumayo Kids is the perfect thing for moms who once traveled, now don't have the money to, and want to pass international taste onto their adorable suburban-Americans. We jammed to World Playground  during playtime hours.

Putumayo Kids World Playground

4. Raffi has great songs expressing kid thoughts. The song, I Wonder If I'm Growing is about this kid who doesn't think he's growing, and then suddenly he can reach the sink faucet and realizes he is growing...I might have cried. Also, Raffi sang Baby Beluga, which was featured on Full House. It's been stuck in my head since 1990.

* The following baby music is compiled from my friends on Facebook. Thanks, everyone! *

5. John Lithgow sings children's songs, did you know that? A Conehead wouldn't steer you wrong.

6. Go old school with the Rat Pack's lullabies. Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis, Jr. Hold the whiskey.

7. Invoke worship music into your baby's room with Praise Baby.

8. The cello is the most beautiful instrument, and Baby Cello will make the whole family feel relaxed. This baby with its pin-up girl leg kick looks pretty relaxed to me.

Baby Cello

At some point, we transitioned from all this peaceful, kind-feeling music to Muse's Madness on level 12 in the car. If you're listening to your baby crying and wondering why the lullaby isn't working, just think: This too will pass. Someday we'll play music I like at def-con levels to drown out the sound of the kids yelling at each other in the backseat.


Wyatt in the hospital

"Babies Like This Don't Live," Except They Do

The doctor told me, "Babies like this don't live," and then left me to deliver what, in his eyes, was a doomed baby. I could not believe those words were said aloud to my face as I lay there and prayed and prayed and prayed.

Rockabye Aerosmith

Staff Pick: Rockabye Baby! Aerosmith

This album is so much more than simple acoustic versions of classic Aerosmith - the Rockabye! versions are re-imagined in such as way that it is hard to believe they were ever intended to be anything but lullabies.