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The Avengers Set To The Full House Theme Song Is All You Need Today

All of those slow smiles and all of that love? The Full House theme song just made it better! I love you Thor.
Avengers Full House

Need something to warm your heart? It's THIS! 

It's SO good! You're welcome.

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Admit it. Deep in your heart, you are a Full House fan. I thought I hated it, and then Fuller House hit Netflix and my head said "just watch it and make fun of it" but my heart said "I miss you Full House". My worst confession? I've binge watched the whole thing. Also? I've literally laughed out loud. Like with the laugh track. Just for old times sake. 

Full House pales in comparison for my love of the Avengers. All of those slow smiles and all of that love? The Full House theme song just made it better! I love you Thor. 

Who can you think for this Full House of Avengers? This guy . . . Zach Ace is responsible for this brilliance and we can't thank him enough! (We're giving you a slow smile right now Zach!)


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