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7 Kid-Friendly Sandwiches Perfect For School Lunch

Tired of PB&J? Shake up the lunchbox with one of these 7 kid-friendly sandwiches perfect for school lunches.
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Like it or not, the sandwich is king as far as school lunches go. When PB&J grows stale in more ways than one, try one of these 7 kid-friendly sandwiches perfect for school lunch.

1.Cheddar and Apple Sandwich from Real Simple


Most kids like both apples and cheese, making this the perfect combo alternative to the ol' ham and cheese.

2. Turkey Salad Rolls from Bon Appetit

7 Kid-Friendly Sandwiches Perfect For School Lunch #lunchbox

Packing this with a hot dog bun gives kids the opportunity to build their own sandwich.

3. Strawberry and Cream Cheese Sandwich from Eating Well


Sweet strawberries + creamy cheese = the perfect kid-friendly sandwich.

4. Banana Dog Bites from Weelicious

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Bite-sized banana sandwiches are a great kid-friendly sandwich alternative.

5. The New Peanut Butter and Jelly from Delish


This kid-friendly sandwich boasts a triple dose of apples, apple jelly and apply butter.

6. Barbecue Chicken Sloopy Joes from Bon Appetit


Leave this kid-friendly sandwich in the fridge overnight and it will hold better come lunchtime.

7. Turkey Caesar Sandwich from Martha Stewart


When turkey gets boring, turn it into a Caesar for the perfect kid-friendly sandwich.


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