5 Ways to Organize Hair Clips

You need to have them at school in eight minutes. WHY ARE THERE NO HAIR CLIPS IN YOUR HOUSE?

No matter how early I get up, how early the kids get up, how much organizing I do the night before, the mornings at our house always end up being a fire drill in the last five minutes. I've got a big foot dragger over here, and let me tell you, I'm trying to make peace in my heart with the fact that she is going to do things at her own pace FOREVER. I am going to be waiting on this kid when she's 17, and that's how she is, she does things on her own clock, and the sooner I accept it, the more peace I will have in my life. But no matter how much peace I can manage to find in my heart, it stinks in the morning when it's time to do hair and there are NO rubber bands. We have 179,453 rubber bands. Where are they? Keep reading for 5 Ways to Organize Hair Clips and eliminate one step from your own morning fire drill while keeping your slow poke moving.

Bow & Headband Holder from The Paro Post

5 Ways to Organize Hair Clips

Image from The Paro Post

Clip Storage from Alternative Photo & Design

5 Ways to Organize Hair Clips

Image from Alternative Photo & Design

Rubber Band Storage from Casual Crafter

5 Ways to Organize Hair Clips

Image from Casual Crafter

Bobby Pin Storage from Home Made Simple

5 Ways to Organize Hair Clips

Image from Home Made Simple

DIY: Easy Headband Storage from Life. Love. Larson.

5 Ways to Organize Hair Clips

Image from Life. Love. Larson.


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