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5 Lunch Box Ideas - A Week of Menus for School Lunch

Are your kids ready to go back to school? Don't forget to involve your them in planning for lunch box ideas. You might be surprised with their creativity!

Getting ready for school to start? Back to school means back to packing a lunch box or two. I always start the year with a bang! Lunch box notes, fancy cut fruits and veggies, creative sandwiches. We've got lunch box ideas aplenty.

5 Lunch Box Menu Ideas - A Week of School Lunch Menu Ideas

This year, I want my kids to be more involved in the prep work. To help them wade through the over-sized shopping list, I asked them to start with a theme for each day. I was thinking "Italian" or "Southwestern" themes. As you can see, their minds went a different direction. When the 6-year old suggested an entire lunch menu of treats, we made some healthy substitutes that still fit their daily themes.

Here's our first week of lunch box ideas -

First Week Of Lunch Box Ideas

Monday - Circle Day

A toasted, whole wheat bread sandwich with Nutella and sliced bananas
Watermelon balls
Soft mozzarella balls
Frozen water bottle for the hot, early days at school

Tuesday - Square Day

Cheese & Crackers - Wheat Thins and quartered cheddar cheese slices
Marinated BBQ Turkey Tenders, cut into square-ish bite-sized pieces (since we're still grilling in August)
S'mores treat - two graham cracker squares spread with a few melted chocolate chips and a plop of marshmallow cream
Juice box (okay, a rectangle, but close!)

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Wednesday - String Day

Asian-style noodles with mushrooms, broccoli and edamame beans
Celery stalks with peanut butter (makes strings when you bite in)
String cheese
Pouch drink (Kids counted the straw as a "string")

Thursday - Orange Day or Rectangle Day

Grilled cheese sandwich cut into four long sticks
Cubed cantaloupe
Carrot sticks
Orange Juice

Friday - Ring Day

Whole wheat bagel with deli turkey, cucumber slices with seeds removed and herb cream cheese
Cooked cheese tortellini with rings of avocado and bacon from Mom, the Magician
Dried apple rings
Milk carton with straw (Kids claimed the straw was a "ring")

I'm hoping to keep the kids involved as the year goes on so we save ourselves from the ruts. What are your favorite lunch box ideas? How much do you involve your kids?

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