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5 Crazy Birth Stories You Won't Believe

As the host of a birth stories podcast, I hear a lot of variety when it comes to birth stories and now that I'm 66 episodes in, I've chosen my top five craziest birth stories to share.
crazy birth stories

As the host of a birth stories podcast, I hear a lot of variety when it comes to birth stories and now that I'm 66 episodes in, I've chosen my top five craziest birth stories to share. If you want to hear any of these stories in their entirety you can click the links below or subscribe to The Birth Hour in iTunes or your favorite podcast app.

Number One: I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant

The "I didn't know I was pregnant" birth story takes the cake! This mama had been trying to conceive for five years and had completely given up, so much so that when she actually did become pregnant she ignored any and all signs until finally noticing a linea negra and going into the doctor only to find out she was 33 weeks along and THEN she ended up going into labor the NEXT DAY. Her son was born as a 33 week preemie and was very healthy but it's crazy to imagine that she was so close to going into labor without having ever known she was pregnant.

Number Two: The Accidental Water Birth

We've all heard the urban legends of women giving birth on the toilet and their baby falling into said toilet, right? Well, this actually happened to homebirther Indiana Adams who had her baby alone on the toilet with her husband in the next room and her midwife on her way. They acted fast, scooped the baby out and everything ended up being fine but it's definitely a story that baby girl will likely never live down.

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Number Three: The Orgasmic Birth

Again, the tales of women who have an orgasmic birth are circulated but not usually something we actually consider happening to us but for this mama she was prepared for and intentional about it and she totally experienced what she called a "birth orgasm" and described it as a very different feeling than a sexual orgasm yet just as pleasurable.

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Number Four: ll pounds and No Tearing

I was blown away when I heard Danielle Burkleo's birth story of her daughter Lula who came out a whopping 11 pounds. This was her fifth baby but she describes the pushing as unreal in how painful it was and rightfully so at 11 pounds! But the most amazing part of this story to me was that Danielle didn't tear at all and says she had the best recovery ever. That's one strong perineum!

Number Five: Homebirther Goes Hospital

When Blythe told me she wanted to share her sixth birth story because it was so different than her first five I couldn't wait to hear it. Her first five children were born at home and when she found out she was pregnant with number six, she decided she wanted the damn epidural! Her whole hospital birth experience told from her perspective is hilarious and crazy and although she did end up getting the epidural, it didn't even really work right!


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5 Crazy Birth Stories You Won’t Believe

5 Crazy Birth Stories You Won’t Believe

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