2013 Holiday Gift Guide: 30-Minute Homemade Gift Ideas

The clock is ticking and your list is long. What can you make in 30 minutes or less? These homemade gift ideas!
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The clock is ticking and you've still got a list a mile long. What can you make that's quick and still passable as a homemade gift?

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: 30-Minute Homemade Gift Ideas - TodaysMama.com

We've gathered a few ideas to help you with the last-minute rush. Get your spatulas ready and clear your crafting space - with your essentials in hand, you'll be whipping up homemade gifts in 30 minutes or less!

Chewy Chex Mix Recipe - TodaysMama.com

Chewy Chex Mix Recipe - A new twist on a classic recipe that always a crowd-pleaser.

Neighbor Gift ideas - Homemade Potpourri Recipe - Todaysmama.com

Homemade Potpourri Kits - Share the gift of scents by wrapping up your favorite spices in this homemade potpourri.

DIY Etched Glasses Close Up - TodaysMama.com

Etched Glasses - With a dab of glass etching cream and about 60 seconds, you can create custom glasses for your BFFs. A monogrammed set would make a lovely wedding gift too!

Cinnamon Roasted Almonds - TodaysMama.com

From Two Peas and Their Pod

Cinnamon Roasted Almonds - Roasted nuts can smell divine and take just minutes to make. One batch can help check some people off the list.

Custom Word Cloud Art Printable - TodaysMama.com

Framed Custom Printable - Maybe this is too easy? Why not find your favorite printable and frame one for someone? You can even customize a word cloud with the Wordle tool.

2013 Holiday Shopping Guide: 30-min Homemade Gift Ideas

 DIY Stamped Tea Towels - Grab a festive snowman or a simple holly stamp and make a border or all-over pattern. Iron and you're finished! Guaranteed your kids' teachers won't have one like it!

Happy Print Ship Meal Planner Printable - TodaysMama.com

Printed Meal Planner Pad - You wish you had a stack. Why not create a year's supply by printing off and binding a few of these cute Meal Planners from Happy Print Shop.

Custom Notecards - TodaysMama.com

Custom Note Cards  - Find your favorite photo card printing store, upload your best pics of the year, and make a set of generic note cards. Everyone can always use a cute card.

Rocky Road Gourmet Popcorn Recipe - TodaysMama.com

Caramel Popcorn - Fancy up your caramel popcorn with chocolate and marshmallows or keep it original. You can gift it to your music teachers and UPS drivers. I promise they won't complain.

Happy Print Shop on Etsy - Desk Calendar - TodaysMama.com

And in case you procrastinate your gifting, you can always make a 2014 desk calendar for anyone you forgot on your list!

What are your favorite, quick homemade gift ideas?

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