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10 Times I Use Bug Spray That Don't Include a Tent

Think insect repellent is just for your trip into the great outdoors? How about the regular outdoors? The outdoors that includes bike rides, yard work, and bumper cars. You’re going to want to bring the OFF!® insect repellent along for a lot more outdoor adventures, trust us.
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Stay bug free!

I'm a camper from waaaaaay back. Camping and spending time in the great outdoors was a big part of my childhood, the early years with my husband, and now with our kids. But camping has come a LONG way since I was a kid...the gear...the technology...the occasional cellular coverage. I've traded my beloved tent in for warm trailer and a working fridge when I camp now. However, some camping staples remain—s'mores, campfires, and OFF!® insect repellent.

When I was a kid, we kept our OFF!® personal repellent with the camping gear, nestled with the lantern, sleeping bags, and wool army blankets. So, naturally, I have always kept insect repellent with my camping gear.

But don’t underestimate the simple power of using insect repellent during every day activities, like walking your kids to the bus stop. This spring my neighbor brought insect repellent out to the bus stop to make sure everyone avoided mosquito bites while waiting for the bus. Mind. BLOWN.

Since then, I've been more proactive about my insect repellent…and have found 10 different occasions to use it that don't include a tent!

Bus Stop + Before School
Keep your kiddos covered so they don't get bitten at the bus stop! When using OFF!® repellents on children, apply it to your own hands first and then to your child.


Sporting Events
Catching a baseball game? Getting in a round of golf (full size or mini?) Toss OFF!® personal repellent in your bag so you can enjoy your favorite pastime while being protected from bug bites.

The Pool
No. OFF!® personal repellent isn't waterproof, but if you're like us, we hop out of the pool to take a breather and have a snack. We apply it before opening our cooler to protect our skin from mosquito bites.

Outdoor Festivals + Concerts
Blanket—check. Sunglasses—check. Cooler—check. OFF!® personal repellent - CHECK.

Doing Yardwork
So, it turns out that weed-whacking, mowing, and trimming the trees is a GREAT way to stir up the bugs. Now I apply OFF!® personal repellent.

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Near the Animals
The Zoo, the Aviary, the Rodeo My kids love animals. LOVE. THEM. They enjoy the zoo and the aviary so much. Some families live for the rodeo or hometown fair. Enjoy seeing your furry and feathered friends without their insect friends.

The Drive-In Movie
A summer staple! A movie that starts at dusk! Which is also when the dinner bell rings for some species of mosquitoes. BOO. Apply OFF!® personal repellent before you settle in for the previews.

The Park
We have a wonderful park that we ride our bikes to. It's lush and shady...and now we use OFF! Active® Insect Repellent I to avoid mosquito bites while biking and playing outside. avoid mosquito bites.


Outdoor Entertaining
Entertaining outside is pretty much the best part of summer. Being eaten by mosquitoes? Not so much.

The Amusement Park + State Fair
Ride the bumper cars, without pesky mosquitoes.

And of course...apply OFF!® personal repellent when hiking, river walking, and camping!


Get more tips and advice on how to protect yourself from insect bites from OFF!® on their website, Facebook page, or on Instagram.


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of OFF!. The opinions and text are all mine.


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