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10 Things Mom Really Wants for Mother's Day

I polled our writers and here's a list of what Mom really wants for Mother's Day. No requirement for knowing sizes, cooking or picking out any scents!
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I polled our writers and came up with an awesome list of what your wife or mother really wants for Mother's Day. This list is easy-it's doesn't require knowing any sizes, doing any cooking or picking out any scents. And to you Moms out there-just share this article with your significant other for easy hint-dropping!

1. A Nap

This was polled at number one. All Moms would like a nap, uninterrupted. The best way to achieve giving a mother a nap is to take the children and leave. This removes any possibility of Mom feeling guilt for not being with her children and also prevents her from being woken up.

Ideas for mothers day gifts for husbands and sons

2. Dwell + Slumber

The softest, most comfortable caftan you can buy is a Dwell + Slumber. They are one-size-fits-most and fantastic for lounging. This means they're an easy gift (no sizing needed) and guaranteed favorite for your wife or mother.

3. A Clean House

Did you know you can hire maids on Amazon now? Oh yes. I'm pretty sure having my entire house clean all at the same time is the greatest gift I could be given as a Mother. If you're not into hiring maids, you can always enlist the children and get to work!

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4. Blanket

This cozy footsac blanket is the perfect addition to that Sunday nap you're planning for you Mom or wife. It's small enough to take as a carry-on and big enough to share with a buddy. My favorite feature is the foot pocket at the bottom-no more cold feet!

Ideas for mothers day gifts for husbands and sons

5. Personalized Jewelry

I am a sucker for sweet things like this jewelry by Isabella Grace. Seeing my kids names on anything really is my favorite and something that is especially meaningful on a day when we celebrate motherhood. This thick gauge cuff is hand formed and can be stamped with you kids names, birth dates or other special information.

6. Chocolates

How cute are these chocolate mice??! Mother's Day is the perfect holiday for chocolate, especially fancy chocolate. Lot's of companies offer specials and darling gifts for Mother's...but let's be honest-ANY CHOCOLATE WILL DO!

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7. Audio Book Credits

Audio Book Credits are somehow more personal than a gift card, but not as difficult as picking out a specific book. A perfect pairing with this is a set of new headphones. What better way for a Mom to relax during the day than listening to a new book?

Ideas for mothers day gifts for husbands and sons

8. Gourmet Treats

These Georgia Peaches are THE BEST. Since 2012, The Peach Truck has provided the freshest Georgia Peaches you've ever tasted. For their Mother's Day Special they've used those same delicious, hand-picked peaches to create a Signature Peach Jam to go along with a box of their beautiful peaches. Right now The Peach Truck is offering 10% off to our readers using the code: todaysmama.

9. A New Hand Bag

Amazon makes it really easy to find the perfect bag with their list of favorites. We also love this gorgeous tote by Free People. And for any new mama's out there check out Fawn Design!

10. Flowers

Not all Mom's love flowers because they are cliche, but I do. I'm terrible with potted plants so for me it needs to be cut flowers, a cactus or a succulent. Trying to choose a bouquet can be a challenge and that's why I LOVE Farm Girl Flowers. You simply choose a size and they do the rest! It's so lovely having a fresh bouquet on my kitchen table.

We're looking forward to Mother's Day this year! Have anything you'd add to this list? What was your favorite Mother's Day Gift?

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10 Things Mom Really Wants for Mother’s Day

10 Things Mom Really Wants for Mother’s Day

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