Once upon a time, we all thought it was awesome when school got canceled...

But when it's for weeks at a time with no end in sight, it may feel a little daunting. Luckily, people from every conceivable realm of the workforce are putting together incredible resources for our kids so that they'll learn something more than Yardwork 101 during this quarantine craziness—though, hey, we're all about that class, too.

Check out these awesome online classes and other valuable learning activities for your kids below!


Imagineering in a Box

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Imagineering in a Box is designed to pull back the curtain to show you how artists, designers and engineers work together to create theme parks. Go behind the scenes with Disney Imagineers and complete project-based exercises to design a theme park of your very own.

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Virtual Marine Biology Camp

Upcoming broadcasts include a conversation with an Oceans Initiative scientist who’s studying the region’s struggling orcas. They’ve scheduled a shark expert to join them next week. They’re planning to talk to a wildlife photographer colleague who uses images to find unique, identifying features on marine life in order to count and track individuals.

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Kennedy Space Center

“We are giving lessons on rocketry, from the Saturn 5 center. We’re teaching people how to make rockets at home from recycled materials that are probably lying around the house.” Parents also have online access to activity sheets and experiments, making spare time educational but fun. The sessions will take place Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:30 a.m. ET for young kids. For older children, including those in high school, there will be programming starting at 1 p.m.

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NatGeo Kids

A veritable catch-all for learning about the earth and all its inhabitants, National Geographic Kids is great for quick lessons with littles or more in-depth research for middle-schoolers.

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Talk with a real scientist about whatever you're interested in! This is one of the coolest resources out there and can be a great activity for the entire family to learn something new together.

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ST Math

ST Math is a PreK-8 visual instructional program that leverages the brain's innate spatial-temporal reasoning ability to solve mathematical problems. ST Math’s unique, patented approach provides students with equitable access to learning through challenging puzzles, non-routine problem solving, and informative feedback. 

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The Globe Theatre

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Globe Player has paid-for recordings of many of the theatre's Shakespeare adaptations spanning more than 10 years, including Twelfth Night, Merchant of Venice, and Romeo and Juliet.

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Story Pirates

Their video library features standards-aligned writing curriculum and livestream classes, all hosted by expert teachers. Story Pirates will lead students through a collaborative writing exercise, which students can then use as a model for their own writing along with tools they provide. 

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Learn essentially any new language for free with Duolingo. It's fun and effective, and can be done in bite-sized lessons, easy enough for toddlers to follow along with.

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Photography and Photoshop

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Karen Alsop, former teacher and photography+Photoshop expert is offering six months of free access to her incredible educational videos so students can learn the creative powers of both mediums.

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Pay It Forward Concert Series

Okay, so it's not technically a class, but you'll be exposed to some great music a couple times a week for a great cause. The series starts off with Dave Matthews and there will be plenty more stars to follow.

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P.E. with Joe

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Joe Wicks, famous as The Body Coach, has said he will become 'the nation's P.E. teacher' by giving daily online P.E. classes for kids! He will be holding kids' workout classes on YouTube, and he will be doing them every weekday at 9am during the school closures. The workouts are designed to be kid friendly, will last half an hour, and won't need much space so they can be done indoors if you're self-isolating.

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Cosmic Kids Yoga

The Cosmic Kids Yoga YouTube channel focuses on yoga, mindfulness and relaxation—designed specially for kids aged 3+. They work to make your kids stronger, calmer, and wiser...can I get an amen!?

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Virtual Field Trips

Thanks to WeAreTeachers.com, field trips are no longer out of the question! Thanks to technology, it’s now possible for kids to visit all kinds of places from the comfort of their home. They’ve compiled a list of the best virtual field trips for you from volcanoes around the world to Ellis Island to the Louvre, so enjoy your “visit”!

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American History

NewAmericanHistory.org has intuitive tools and resources that are free and available to all, intended to uncover new ways to teach the past in light of the present. You can refine topics by grade level, learning strategies and more.

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Quarantine Cooking

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Chef Joe Baker has started a Facebook Live series called “Quarantine Cooking with Joe the Baker” that features his son, Blais, who will be turning 6 in a few weeks and enjoys wearing a fun costume while he helps cook. Each video includes kid-friendly recipes that are also useful for families struggling to find foods and ingredients that are in high demand right now.

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Rebel Girls Guides to Life Skills

Covering everything from how to plant a garden to how to climb a mountain (plus tons of lessons on art and even programming and business plan writing!), Rebel Girls will email you PDF guides for these "classes".

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Typing Class

TypeTastic is offering their free typing skills class (ad-free!) for a while during quarantine, too. There are several games and practice activities to keep the kids learning in a fun way!

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Harry Potter Themed Escape Room

Okay, while it's not technically a class, it does teach problem solving and teamwork—plus, it's just awesome. Make sure to try it out during quarantine because once the crisis is over, the fun digital escape room will be taken down forever!

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When in doubt, Outschool offers over 10,000 online classes ranging in topic from chickens to Chinese, and from Aesop to animation.

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Education.com Free Resources

Education.com houses tons of resources for all ages of learners, but is especially full of quick visual lessons in simple math and grammar, along with easy, printable worksheets.

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Scholastic is offering day-by-day projects to keep kids reading, thinking, and growing during this odd time out of the classroom and it's easily organized by age and subject.

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Interactive and on-demand classes for kids ages 1.5-6 can be found on topics ranging from how ooblek works to how love works!

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Complexly creates and hosts tons of educational videos on every topic you can imagine and is great for kids of all ages. You'll never run out of these short, informative vids.

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Circle Time

Offering everything from yoga to cooking with your 0-6 year old on Circle Time. Plus, they have story time and color play classes!

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More interested in outdoor, play-based learning for your pre-k kids? TinkerGarten is a great option that provides a huge array of activities that will keep the kiddos happily learning outside (with you!).

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Great for your teenagers (and parents)!

Watch hundreds of lessons from the best as they share their stories, skills, shortcuts, failures, and successes.

It's $15 a month (and so worth it). 

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