What Mama Does During the Day

By Erica Fehrman

This week, my boys BOTH started preschool.  One is in Pre-K and one is in a 2-year-old class.  This is old hat for the older one, but when I signed my little one up for school last spring, I worried that he would scream and cry when I left him. Instead, he surprised me by walking right in. ... Read More

Weekly Round Up

By Erin Oltmanns

My girl likes to keep me company whenever I need to pop into my office at home. Today, after enduring 5 minutes of 3-year-old-in-possession-of-a-helium-balloon lunacy, I encouraged her to find something quiet to play with. She came hustling back with the Mr. Potato Head bin. She tenderly and thought... Read More

TodaysMama :: From Paper to Web

By Erica Fehrman

Did you know that Rachael Herrscher is a Ninja?  Well, she is.  For instance, she interviewed me for my job without me knowing it.   Really, she's very sneaky. I was new to Salt Lake City and we met through a mutual friend (Lindsey, holla!) about 4 months after I had my first son.  ... Read More

Summer Vacation Part 1: Staring Down Boredom and Making Routines That Work

By Staff

Christina Sbarro reflects on the first week of summer vacation as a work-at-home mom to a 5 year old and 15 month old. Little lessons and big breakthroughs on balance and finding fun. “We survived the first week of summer vacation (barely.) It was all about getting dirty and figuring out routin... Read More

Home Office Mix

By Staff

While I work (which is from home), I have to have music on that is not too distracting, yet keeps me going in an otherwise quiet house. 1. Grey Street, Dave Matthews Band 2. Here I Am, Lyle Lovett 3. Walking on Broken Glass, Annie Lennox 4. Thing Called Love, Bonnie Raitt 5. Flak... Read More

Baby Steps to a Big Dream

By Staff

Inspired by the toddling steps of her son, Sandra Wilson started Robeez out of her basement and favorite brand of footwear of Mamas and kids was born. Name Sandra Wilson City / State Burnaby, BC What was your big dream? My big dream was to find balance between family life and career. Aft... Read More

Building Dreams

By Staff

Yenesis Alfonso's dream is "to empower women and individuals to reach their dreams and focus on their personal growth. I also work with small businesses and corporations to change Management's mind-set to create great leaders." Go, Yenesis! Name Yenesis Alfonso City / State Miami Springs, F... Read More