Valentine’s Day

A Love Song for Your Lady Friends

By Erin Oltmanns

So you’ve probably been knee-deep in Valentine’s prep for your kiddos for a while now. Cards, class parties, heart-shaped pizza plans. Or maybe you’re going to wing it at the last minute. I’ve got a solid track record with that, so if you’re looking for your tribe, you’ve hit the jackpot... Read More

8 Non Candy Valentine’s Day Ideas For Kids

By Erin Oltmanns

Valentine’s Day is coming! Which means we're on the hunt for Valentine's Day ideas for our kids. (Preferably the non-candy Valentine's Day ideas.) And if I’m being honest...I’m still pretty worn out from THE holidays. I mean, there are still Christmas gifts in my living room, so it seems li... Read More

4 Ideas for Family Valentine’s Day Getaways

By MiniTime

Valentine's Day is not just about romance, it's also about showing your friends and family how much you love and appreciate them. This means that this much-loved yearly celeb... Read More

Unbox Love Giveaway

By Rachael Herrscher

Remember how awesome your relationship was when you first started dating? You put in all sorts of time, effort and creativity to the time you spent together. You tried to make every moment exciting and memorable because you not only had you just discovered love... but it felt like you invented it. ... Read More

Valentines Day Pizzas

By Shannon Breuner Nelson

Need a dinner idea for Valentine's Day? And I'm not talking about you people with babysitters and dinner reservations! If you start your day off with heart shaped pancakes, you can't flop out on dinner. Finish the day strong! Check out these adorable Valentine's Day pizzas from Once Upon a Cut... Read More

Easy Valentine’s Day Class Party Ideas

By Amy Allen Johnson

Still looking for fun Valentine's Day class party ideas?  Here's a list of easy class party ideas for elementary school children that will make your holiday rock! Who Am I? Game Grab a stack of index cards and some tape. Write one the name of a famous person. Even better? Make it a famous p... Read More

Family-Friendly Valentine’s Day Ideas

By Ana Connery

While couples lay claim to Valentine’s Day as their special time, everything changes once you start having kids. Sitters are hard to come by on Valentine's Day, plus they're expensive, so seize the opportunity to bond with the family and celebrate a totally a different kind of love.  That's what ... Read More

7 Valentine’s Day Treat Recipes

By Shannon Breuner Nelson

Bake up a little love for Valentine's Day. Would you rather receive a package of homemade cookies for Valentine's Day or this bear? Right. Bring on the heart shaped chocolate chips! Keep reading for 7 Valentine's Day Treat Recipes, and we'll hope this bear finds a good home. With someone besi... Read More

Valentine’s Ideas Moms Actually Want

By Carina

If you don't know where to start for Valentine's Day this year, I have some ideas. Hop on these fast so they'll arrive in time and you can be the hero. Let's start with these pink druzy earrings from Amulette Jewelry, which are out of control. Stunning. If your main squeeze is kind of a softie... Read More

7 Valentine’s Day Cupcake Recipes

By Shannon Breuner Nelson

Valentine's Day is on the way. Ready or not, next week will include writing out entire class lists on pint size valentines, creating glittery mailboxes out of paper lunch bags and baking cupcakes for the class party. You can do better than coloring some frosting red. Get baking with 7 Valentine's Da... Read More