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11 Ways To Give Your Kids Experiences, NOT Stuff

By Kalli Verbecky

The idea had been percolating around in my head for a while, the older our kids got the more STUFF they'd accumulated and I kind of hated it. I wanted to give our kids experiences over stuff but that's always easier said than done, right?  I think it started for me at Christmas this last... Read More

Science Shows How A Trip To The Beach Actually Changes Your Brain

By YourTango

This article originally appeared on YourTango. by Rebecca Jane Stokes Get there, ASAP. The ocean. A lake. A babbling creek.  Each body of water conjures a feeling inside of us even as we read the words.  You don't have to be an outdoor girl to acknowledge that spending t... Read More

Best Things to Do with Kids in San Francisco

By MiniTime

The Fisherman’s Wharf, the Golden Gate Bridge, Pier 39 and Lombard Street are among San Francisco’s most popular tourist attractions. But while these draw the crowds that descend upon the City by the Bay, they’re not necessarily ideal for kids. [caption id="attachment_52395" align="alignnon... Read More

Astounding African Beach Breaks for Families

By MiniTime

Those looking for a paradise-like destination away from the crowds won’t find a more enchanting escape than going to an African beach. Far from the chaos, you’ll find the ultimate Robinson Crusoe experience for the family, with perfect beaches and most of all an unspoiled environment. Prist... Read More

Exploring Greece, the Land of Mythology, with Kids

By MiniTime

Visit a land where mythology, fun and sunshine combine to create a fascinating family-friendly vacation. Glorious beaches, fascinating places to visit and a wide choice of family friendly hotels and resorts in Greece make the country a perfect choice for a family vacation. No matter what the age... Read More

Travel Tips for the Breastfeeding Mother

By MiniTime

Much like travel, breastfeeding can be a beautiful and rewarding experience. With proper pla... Read More

To Tip Or Not To Tip: A Family’s Guide To Tipping On Vacation

By MiniTime

Tipping is not the universal truth we expect here in the US. One thing travelers, especially with kid in... Read More

5 Tried and Tested Tips for Traveling with Toddlers

By MiniTime

Once you get past the idea that taking your toddlers on a trip is a guaranteed nightmare and you get planning, you’ll soon see that traveling wi... Read More

How Living On A Tropical Island TOTALLY Changed My Parenting Style

By YourTango

Your baby doesn't need gymnastics lessons. I promise. Sweet 'N Low? Check. Pizza-flavored Pringles? Check. Just the right shade of the more than one hundred nail polish colors offered by OPI? Check. I was stocked up and ready to return from my trip to the United States and head back to my ne... Read More

The Best Place To Travel With Family In The Dominican Republic

By April Davis

If you're looking for a getaway in this gloomy winter, Dominican Republic is the perfect place.  I had very little knowledge about the DR before going and I am completely in love!  The island is located in the Caribbean, with a portion of it facing the Atlantic.  I didn't realize that the Domini... Read More