Pumpkin Spice Caramel Popcorn Recipe

By April Davis

I've grown very particular about caramel popcorn-I only like it soft and completely saturated in caramel.  I don't have time for that crunchy stuff, or for not enough caramel!  Adding pumpkin pie spice to my favorite caramel corn recipe just made sense...but if you're not in the mood for the extr... Read More

10 Thanksgiving Recipes Your Guests Will Gobble Up

By Erin Oltmanns

A successful Thanksgiving is all about the small touches. OH SURE, we all talk turkey leading up to the big day, but this glorious meal is made extra special by serving and showcasing ALL the elements of this feast. The good news is, those extra special recipes don’t have to be extra hard. ... Read More

Christmas at Sea: Family-Friendly Cruises for the Holidays

By MiniTime

Magical winter holidays aboard the Disney Dream (Courtesy Disney Cruise Line) Sip your eggnog or white hot chocolate on your private verandah, attend a magical winter ball with the kids, and squeeze some fun in the sun on a beautiful Caribbean island. There’s nothing like a festive holiday at ... Read More

Printable Zen Doodle Thanksgiving Placecards

By Rachael Herrscher

Need something quick and easy for your Thanksgiving place settings? Check out these free printable zen doodle place cards! DOWNLOAD FULL SIZE PRINTABLE HERE   Printables by Juliann Law for Today's Mama is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported... Read More

5 Thanksgiving Designs for Your Instagram Photos

By Rachael Herrscher

Thanksgiving is almost here! The food, the gathering, the thanks. We can’t wait. One of our favorite things about the holiday is being able to experience everyone else’s Thanksgiving thru photos on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc! We all know that we’re going to share photos of our dinner, f... Read More

My Cuban Thanksgiving

By Ana Connery

I grew up in a blue-collar Miami neighborhood where I lived with my brother, and our Cuban parents and grandparents. For the first time in years, I'm baaaaaaack for Thanksgiving, and boy have I missed the Cuban-American way of giving thanks! My Cuban Thanksgiving morning began at Plaza Bakery, a ... Read More

I Learned to Be Thankful in Uganda

By Jen Price

November is dubbed the thankful month and rightfully so. With a holiday named Thanksgiving, it’s only natural to pause and reflect on everything we are thankful for. It’s a wonderful exercise for the heart. I always seem to ask myself, though, “How can I live in this thankfulness year ... Read More

10 No-Bake Thanksgiving Side Dishes

By Andi Gleeson

This collection of No-Bake Thanksgiving Side Dishes can be prepared in your slow cooker, made on stovetop, or thrown together the day before! Thanksgiving is wonderful, but you have to admit that it's a bit stressful too (OK, maybe very stressful). There's so much to cook for one meal, and oven s... Read More

5 Things to Do with Bored Kids on Thanksgiving Day

By Erin Collard

What to do with a bored kid on Thanksgiving Day?   Let’s face it.  Thanksgiving is filled with wonderful smells, laughter and the occasional hiss of “Jimmy!  For the last time, get OUT of the kitchen!”  For little kids not interested in football or how to make a flaky pie crust, ... Read More

7 Things to Be Thankful for Right Now

By Debra Ferrie

It's so easy to be negative and to complain isn't it?  There's traffic, bills,taxes. There's the common core and health insurance issues. Not to mention the normal every day stress of getting several kids to activities, doing homework, keeping the house clean and managing to buy enough food to actu... Read More