Coming to Netflix in November

By Anna Shirley

While I'm sure you've already seen the latest trailer for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, and you might have November 25th blocked out to binge watch the entire season, there is a lot hitting Netflix in November. Our picks for kids and families include The Jetsons, season 4 of All H... Read More

Television and Children

By Rachael Herrscher

Much of the gun control debate has included conversations about entertainment, video games, television and children. As a parent I'm consistently concerned about screen time. Our kids have so many bright and shiny screens staring back at them in every part of their lives.  Computers, T.V.'s, tab... Read More

TV Shows To Make You Smile

By Carina

A few friends suggested that I write about Seasonal Affective Disorder today. Well sorry, friends, I don't have SAD in the winter...I get it in the summer when everything is stupidly hot, the kids are tearing my house apart, the lawn looks horrendous, and I have to wear short sleeves and short skirt... Read More

The Middle – An Interview with Patricia Heaton

By Amy Allen Johnson

Do you have a group of friends who let you laugh and relax and talk about your kids, the neighbors, the realities of life and how to keep it all together? Chatting with Patricia Heaton felt  just like being at my favorite book club as she reaffirmed that we all need to give ourselves a break. ... Read More

15 Floor Plans of TV Houses

By Carina

By Neptune's beard! I ran across this post with floor plans of TV houses and I, kid you not, squealed like the TV and architecture nerd that I totally am. Most of your editors at TodaysMama are complete TV and movie geeks, by the way. Something about seeing these sets turned into actual flo... Read More

Project Runway Hits Dylan’s Candy Bar

By Carina

I had the chance to chat with Dylan Lauren about tonight's Project Runway episode! It's often my favorite challenge of the season: using unconventional materials to build a couture garment. I'm usually equally enthused about how people are using the materials, and annoyed because I could totally t... Read More

So You Think You Can Dance is Back!

By Carina

It's not summer for me until So You Think You Can Dance is back on the air. If you'd of told me a few years ago that a dance program on TV would be one of my absolute favorites, I would have called  you a dirty liar: my cleats could tear your slippers to shreds. But once I started watching the show... Read More

Best Friends Forever Show

By Carina

A friend recommended I check out NBC's Best Friends Forever show. I was blindsided by how good it was. The show was so funny, so true-to-life, and did I mention hilarious? Friends in real life, and Upright Citizens Brigade alums, Lennon Parham and Jessica St. Clair created, write, and star in B... Read More

Average Screen Time for Kids

By Rachael Herrscher

How much is too much screen time for kids? The CDC says the average 6-8 year old spends about 6 hours a day in front of a screen. And the worst offenders? 11-14 year olds. Over 2 hours a day seems like too much to me. But I'm kind of the screen police at our house. Check out these infographics: ... Read More

Isaac Mizrahi on Project Runway Allstars Season and Finale!

By Carina

Have you been watching Project Runway All Stars? I obsessively watch Project Runway every season (it goes with everything!) I had the chance to hop on a call with All Stars judge, one of my favorite designers, the fabulous Isaac Mizrahi about this week’s finale. (If you aren't up to date, ther... Read More