4 Lorax Apps

By Rachael Herrscher

Been bit by the Lorax?  We've got Lorax apps to help! The Lorax Price: 99 cents ON SALE (reg. $3.99) Available On: iPhone, iPad, Android, Amazon Apps, Nook, HP What it Does: Narrated story of the Lorax with picture/word association and pan/zoom on the original artwork. Lorax Gard... Read More

Let’s Talk About Last Nights Oscars

By Carina

Let's talk about last night's Oscars! Now that we have Twitter and Facebook, I love watching the show live! It's like being at a ginormous Oscar party with your funniest friend... Read More

The Lorax Movie -It’s Almost Here!

By Staff

SanDiegoMama Mary had a chance to see the new Lorax movie and meet some of the filmmakers. What did she think of it? GIVE-AWAY ALERT! Hop over here to San Diego Mama to read the rest of Mary's review and enter for a chance to win the Lorax - Universal giveaway!     Dr.... Read More

Your Pick for Best Picture?

By Carina

Have you seen any of the movies that are nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards this year? My favorites are The Artist, The Descendents, and Midnight in Paris. I can't remember a year where so many of the nominees were delightful.  I haven't seen War Horse, Extremely Loud, The Help, or... Read More

Do You Watch Award Shows?

By Carina

I love awards season. I'm always down for the Golden Globes, the Grammys, the Tonys, the Emmys, and the Oscars (less than two weeks away!) The Golden Globes are hilarious because half of Hol... Read More

Carina’s 2011 Recap

By Carina

It's hard for me to talk about 2011 without wanting to burst into tears of happiness. (Sincerity Warning: up your dose of insulin here) I feel that I've been so blessed and cared for after a number of hard years. 2011 was a gentler year for me, bringing peace after turmoil. While there were chall... Read More

Confessions of a Reality Show Watcher

By Carina

I know reality TV isn’t real; I’m not an idiot. If you watch the credits for reality shows you’ll see “writers,” which is your biggest clue. However, you won’t hear me complaining about reality TV--well, any more than any other TV genre. It’s summertime and this is when reality TV ... Read More

Interview with Leslie Mann and a Review of Rio

By Carina

So you read all about walking the blue carpet at the Rio premiere, but what did I think about the movie? Rio tells the story of a nerdy, domesticated macaw named Blu (Jesse Eisenberg) is taken to Brazil by his owner, Linda (Leslie Mann,) to partner with the last female macaw and save his species... Read More

Rio: The Movie Premiere

By Carina

Twentieth Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios invited Today's Mama out to Hollywood to attend the premiere of the new animated movie Rio, and I was the one assigned to cover the story.  Shoot, you guys. Darn. The first thing I did when I got to the hotel room, besides remove as many items ... Read More

Pregnant in Flats

By Staff

"The premise of this show is that Rosie Pope is a “maternity concierge” to million dollar mamas to be in New York City.  Which, as I’m looking at t... Read More