Basic Chocolate Eclair Recipe

By Amy Allen Johnson

Think making eclairs is too hard? Think again. A basic chocolate eclair recipe only has a handful of ingredients and can turn a plain day into a soiree! An eclair au chocolat, as my daughter calls them, can be filled with whipped cream, pudding or pastry cream. My favorite filling is the Vanil... Read More

Chocolate Filled Beignets

By Carina

I cannot wait to try these chocolate filled beignets from Back to the Cutting Board. My family loves to make homemade donuts! Although we end up making a big mess every time, our tummies are always happy. I ran across this recipe for beignets and have been dying to try them. Fat Tuesday (was there e... Read More

Every Day with Rachael Ray: Pie!

By Every Day with Rachael Ray

Making a piecrust is as easy as it looks; follow these simple steps, you’re guests will be blown away! Follow these 9 steps: Combine the flour and salt in a bowl. Work in the bitter until the mixture resembles coarse crumbs. Sprinkle with the water then mix. Pinch a bit of dough – it shou... Read More