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White Chocolate Peppermint M&M Cookies

By Shannon Breuner Nelson

Have you seen the new White Peppermint M&M's?  GO FIND THEM!  I saw an ad for them the other day and when I sent my husband to Target this afternoon, I texted him a list that looked like this... Toilet Paper Soy Sauce White Chocolate Peppermint M&M's.  PLEASE. They... Read More

Neighbor Gift Idea Round Up

By Amy Allen Johnson

Still trying to figure out what to give your neighbors this year?  Check out these eight ideas and be the Neighbor Gift Expert!  Or, share a link with your neighbor and see if YOU can be the recipient. Peppermint Bark If you're my neighbor, you know what's coming. This is my standard neighbo... Read More

Neighbor Gift – Cookie Dough

By Amy Allen Johnson

Yes, you can make cookies for a neighbor gift. Too predictable?  Why not give the recipe with a batch of dough instead?  Southern Living shares the brilliant idea of wrapping the dough in parchment with your recipe tucked snug inside.  You've just saved the day when your neighbor needs an extra t... Read More

Peppermint Bark Recipe

By Amy Allen Johnson

Love the rich, sumptuous taste of peppermint bark but don’t want to pay $25 a pound?  Try this easy recipe and make your own.  Using a  quality chocolate is the key to getting a smooth flavor while still not paying a premium price.  I first started making Peppermint Bark after seeing a box of ... Read More

Neighbor Gift – Spice Set

By Amy Allen Johnson

Most of my neighbors know I love to cook.  They probably all heard my shrieks of joy when Louise and Kristina brought a neighbor gift - a set of new spices!  Did you know your spices lose their flavor with age? Replacing spices can get expensive.  The San Francisco Herb Company sells all kinds of... Read More

Neighbor Gift – Classic Chex Mix

By Amy Allen Johnson

When your house is bursting with sweets during the holidays, something salty to snack on is heavenly.  Classic Chex Mix is my husband's favorite neighbor gift to receive.  Don't forget to add the Worcestershire sauce and mixed nuts or you may be busted for fraud.  After 50 years of experience, I ... Read More

Neighbor Gift – Hot Chocolate Mix

By Amy Allen Johnson

My neighbor, Amy, gave me a big bag of hot chocolate mix one year.  Now that she's moved away, I'm making my own batch to share as a neighbor gift.  What's in homemade hot chocolate mix, you ask?  Brown Eyed Baker has a rich and creamy recipe guaranteed to warm up cold fingers.  Need a secret in... Read More

Homemade Vanilla Recipe

By Amy Allen Johnson

Dream of making your own homemade vanilla?  It's easier than you think and takes less work than most kitchen concoctions.  I first heard of making homemade vanilla at a cupcake class by Sara Voortmeyer (beware her Citrus Cupcakes).  When I saw that Costco was selling a double glass vial pack ... Read More