PB & J {with a sneaky ingredient!}

By Rachael Herrscher

Trying to sneak in some extra nutrition for your picky eaters? We're working with PediaSure to bring you quick and easy ways to get your kids more of what they need: fruits and vegetables. This little lunch hack is our favorite! Just mix a little PediaSure Sidekicks Smoothie Mix into your favor... Read More

5 Lunch Box Ideas – A Week of Menus for School Lunch

By Amy Allen Johnson

Getting ready for school to start?  Back to school means back to packing a lunch box or two. I always start the year with a bang! Lunch box notes, fancy cut fruits and veggies, creative sandwiches.  We've got lunch box ideas aplenty.   This year, I want my kids to be more involved in the prep w... Read More

Shaped Hard Boiled Eggs for Kid Lunches

By Carina

I admit, when I first saw these shaped hard boiled eggs from Another Lunch I kind of flipped out. I mean, how COOL are these? I can just imagine my kids will be far more likely to eat those protein-packed eggs if they're cool shapes. Full post and tutorial (easy!) from Another Lunch Other p... Read More

Kid Bento Box Basics

By Carina

Are you ready to try the kid bento box trend for your school lunches? I ran across this post from Alphamom that details the amount of work it usually takes to get those bento boxes looking both adorable AND edible. Full post at Alphamom What do you think, can you handle a bento?   O... Read More

13 Muffin Tin Recipes

By Rachael Herrscher

Sponsored Recipe com.onescreen.widgets.load('21428-d45609121e6fbb2cb9b02a5466c5bd4a', 'os_dmp_embed'); This application requires JavaScript. 13 Muffin Tin Recipes Muffin tin mini food recipes for every occasion! Everything is cute in "mini" even food. We've rounded up a fun variety of ... Read More

Going Beyond the Soup (and the sandwich!)

By Staff

Guest Post from Kids Konserve: Some kids may get tired of sandwiches day after day.  Hot Lunches the school makes do not always cut it nutritionally or come close to a warm, home-cooked meal.  A thermos insulates the food keeping it warm so they can still have some of their favorite foods from ... Read More