hunger games

Recommended Book Series

By Erica Fehrman

I love to read and tend to churn through books so fast that sometimes a good series is the only way to handle my turnover rate.  I was the kid who skipped the first 5 chapters of Babysitters Club books because I didn't have time to waste on all those repeat character descriptions.  What I haven't ... Read More

The Hungry Games Spoof

By Carina

It's summer time and you know what that means: children who are constantly, incessantly hungry. I laughed out loud at this parody of the Hunger Games: the Hungry Games. It's funny because it's true! (I hope the taquitos I threw in the microwave will give me enough time to finish this post!... Read More

Hunger Games Interview with Producer Nina Jacobson

By Carina

We hopped on a call with The Hunger Games movie producer Nina Jacobson, who after reading the book couldn’t imagine not making the movie, so she decided to buy the rights. Read on to find out how Nina feels about the books’ controversial violence, and how they had to make hard choices to bring... Read More

Hunger Games Hair Braids, Nails and Makeup

By Erica Fehrman

Don't you know, survival in a post-apocalyptic world is in the styling details.  If you're in District 12, you'll need an economical hair braid and a batch of accurate arrows.  If you're in the Capitol, you'll need...everything else. Hunger Games Hair Braids This looks like the Capitol's version... Read More

Hunger Games Bread

By Carina

Bread is super symbolic in the Hunger Games books. Panem, the name of the nation in the dystopian tales, means "bread" in Latin. It's short for "panem and circenses," or "bread and circuses." In order to keep the population of Rome appeased, the rulers would provide grain (bread) and games (circus... Read More

Hunger Games Inspired Jewelry

By Erin Oltmanns

Yes. I said Hunger Games Inspired Jewelry. No. I’m not talking about “Team Peeta” scrabble tile necklaces. I’m talking about straight-up, dead-sexy jewelry that pays homage to our girl Katniss. Even if you’ve only caught The Hunger Games preview once or twice, I bet you’ve got a... Read More

Hunger Games Fashion

By Erica Fehrman

Are you an au naturale girl like Katniss, or do you long for pink hair and out-of-this-world color like Effie?  Either way, the fashion world has taken a shining to The Hunger Games.  The Spring runways were full of braids and a mix of military style and bright colors, and much more abounds on the... Read More

Hunger Games Cinna Clip

By Carina

Are you as excited about the Hunger Games movie as we are? Lenny Kravitz's role as Cinna is something I can't wait to see; it's only his second film role ever! "I'm Cinna and I'm here to help." -  The Hunger Games Cinna clip       You might also like: The Muppets on... Read More